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About this board.

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Please keep discussion of metaphysical and parapsychological subjects in this board.


If you wish to discuss astral projecting with your tulpae, this is the board to discuss it. If you want to talk about manifestations, or energy manipulation, or dream sharing, you are free to discuss it here.


For those of you who don't want to anything to do with these subjects, I ask that you ignore this board, and press the little minus sign ([-]) at this category on the main page and it will disappear for you.


EDIT: Everyone, also check out this topic: Regarding the new board

EDIT 2: Seriously, go check out that topic before posting in this board, esp if you're not in the metaphysical/spiritual school of thought.


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Something tells me this board has the potential to cause a large division within the community, unfortunately. It would be nice if people were more accepting, but nope. In any case, it should still be good to keep this kind of discussion out of other parts of the forum.

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