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Interacting with tulpa while mind is altered

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Excuse the title, I know it sounds weird, but, I was wondering if anyone else has ever/regularly interacts with their tulpa while using anything that alters your mind. e.g., I went to the dentist to get two teeth pulled, so they put me on laughing gas, and I think that's the most vividly I've been able to impose and communicate with Vellace to date.

I just wanna get a general opinion of doing stuff with your tulpa while in these states. Like, whether you think it is/would be fun, or beneficial, or dangerous, or anything else.

One tulpa named Vellace.

Gender: Male, but gosh dang can he be effeminate.

Age: 17 years old; been around for I think about 4 months now.

Species: Human except with a tail.

Stage: Imposition/visualization.

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Well I'm not much into mind altering substances. I don't drink or smoke or anything. BUT. I think it could help- a friend of mine said he's bake me weed brownies, because he knows that would be the only way I'd ever do that drug (I don't approve much of smoking, personally, especially in large amounts). The drug has been proven to increase creativity, soooo. . . but it also is supposed to make you lazy.


Though I also think it depends on the person and the tulpa. The tulpa may not want the host to try something that could hurt them. I would NEVER suggest trying something that could seriously harm your mind and body, tulpa approval or not, though. Marijuana taken with looong intervals in between (say, a month or two) shouldn't be very harmful to the mind, whereas using it often can increase anxiety and depression and hurt memory. Everything in moderation!

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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Guest Anonymous

A drunk host with a drunk tulpa is remarkably fun.

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