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Taking Traditional Tulpa Art Requests

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Hello, I'd like to draw some tulpas. I'm not too great at art as o right now, and I certainly could use the practice, so I figured that this would be an enjoyable way to do so. I would like to sketch up some requested tulpas, may or may not be in colour depending on the requester's choice (colour can tend to make it look messier). I'll take tulpas of all forms, and would greatly appreciate any requests ^.^


In the request, please give me a description of the tulpas appearance. The more detailed it is, the more accurate my art will be. Everything from hair style to preferred outfit is appreciated. Please specify some details of the drawing (head shot or full body, colour or no colour, etc.). A brief personality description of the tulpa would be great as well, and any images that you may have would be of great assistance.


Thanks to anyone who places a request ^.^

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Can i make a request?

This text is from a post that i made, old post.


"Her form is this in my DA. The heels are bones, not shoes. Her eyes are all black with a yellow iris, the nails are sharp and black (hands and feet), the skin is a half dark pink including the tail too. The clothes.....nah, you can choose what clothes and colors."

So...colors if possible.

Full body.

Thank you a lot!

*Forgive me for any mistakes in english language.


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Hullo Gryphon!


I figure it'd be cute to see Dante in some other artist's style. I've got at least two *good* references, so you won't much need a description. Heeeere you go.


Full body:


For a side view of the head:


Also, don't take the way the horns are drawn in the 3rd pic as seriously. I hadn't worked out how to draw them all proper yet with perspective so it's not super accurate (any pictures with semi-accurate horn perspective are drawings in my sketch book, which haven't been put on my computer). Oh! And, in case you were needing to know, he does not have a tail.


Please and thank you! Do take however long you'll need.

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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