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Where is the community now?

Guest Anonymous

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Look for the sources of what fed what you shame now fucknut because i believe that cognitive capabilities would improve that situation from the level of ":P" to the level of "OH Y-E-A-H" and make you the make-pretend of an actual make-pretend nawmsayin :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

tell the rapper what i'm gonna do with all this money

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God I hope it hasn't moved to Tumblr. I boycotted that site, because the majority of people on it and in the Tulpa tag are so damn rude! It sickens me. They judge everyone for the relationship they share with their Tulpas, and look for reasons to talk badly about it.

"Listening to her heartbeat makes me feel alive." - Hyde


Name: Hyde

Age: 36 years old

Form: Human

Done: Form, Personality, Sentient, Visualization

Working on: Imposition (vocal/visual/touch)

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The community continues to grow if the number of hits on the website is anything to go by. And yes, I spend more time in IRC now then I did on forums. There are enough tulpa makers now that special-interest sites are appearing.

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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