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Basically, before today, my Tulpa very rarely spoke, and I wasn't particularly worried that I was parroting her. However, today, we were doing some forcing. It went very well, and during the course of the session it seems like she suddenly perked up massively, so much so that she can reply to most things I say in mind voice.


This is such a massive change from just yesterday that I'm having real trouble believing that I've not just started parroting her subconsciously for whatever reason. Her responses seem genuine enough, but it still just seems so unlikely that she'd change like that. :/


In case it matters, I've been working on her for about 30 days or so now.

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I'd go with it, at least for now. Sometimes they'll be still and quiet while they practice speech in some corner of your mind until they feel confident enough to try it on you.

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