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I am confused as to what the position of Tech Support actually implies and what it is really needed for. As far as I can tell, most "tech" problems are under the jurisdiction of the administrators and a separate sect of the staff for strictly tech issues does not seem necessary at all. Additionally, various members have approached me with the concern of tech support reading potentially sensitive material that they entrust to moderators and administrators only. I am opening this to the public in case anyone wants to contribute their thoughts/feelings/concerns on the matter so please contribute your opinion on this issue.


Thank you.


Additional thoughts: I don't know what [redacted] does or why he is listed as "Tech Support." I haven't seen him do anything, but personally I think dissolving the Tech Support status altogether is in the best interest of the community, namely the members who raised concerns over a potentially useless title.

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ThunderClap has a point. I have deleted the Tech Support group, and re-assigned its members to other groups as appropriate:

Twilight & Xena were merged into Quora's account, as they requested.

Quora was marked as a Chat Mod, due to half-op status in the chat.

[redacted] was dropped to normal user status because it's been ages since he's participated in staff things.

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