Why do some people abuse their tulpa?

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Or you haven't know him long enough. You don't become best friends overnight or fall in love on the first date. Relationships take time


I wish I could like your post. It makes so much sense.

Chance, an anthro husky, wolf or fox.

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Well, think it's similar to relationship/child abuse, where someone feels oppressed and tries to feel more powerful by oppressing someone lower, or forcing them to be lower. Or they feel rejected by the opposite sex so they use a tulpa for sexual abuse. Either way they go about it in an awful way, I couldn't imagine hurting Prince, if you ever have those kinds of feelings try taking them out through other means, and if that really is violence then take it out on an inanimate object. (when I was a kid I stabbed a pillow with my dagger.)

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It makes me wonder why some people abuse their tulpas? ... All this is speculation as I've never heard directly of anyone abusing their tulpas, I've just heard it happens.


There is darkness in the hearts of men. And, what mankind does to each other sadens me. Yet still I think humans are wondeful, as there is good there too.


I think the idea that tulpas become unruly comes from the old book Magic and Mystery in Tibet which contains the biref tale of a 'Friar Tuck' tulpa that gradually became somewhat unhelpful over time. This is the origin of the creepypastas, and also why some of the metaphysical viewpoint advise to never give a tulpa a human form.


Myself, I think a human form is probably fine so long as you treat your tulpa as a human. What those in previous times expected was for a tulpa to be resentful, and so they got what they expected. These days we know to teach your tulpa compassion is a good way to avoid such resentment. Modern tulpas don't really suffer from that flaw in any case.


> The tulpa might retaliate?


Well, I will admit I do. If I'm upset with Kevin I might make him suffer by telling him some of my worst puns (*grin*) or, just tell him off. If I'm really angry though, I'll arrange something nice for him to make him feel happier. As our tulpa Watchdog 3 says: "be kind ... it drives 'em nuts" (paraphrase).


Many doubt their tulpas are real. This doubt happens to everyone at some point or another - no matter how long they have been together. I guess it is the nature of humans to doubt anything that seems 'too good'. Sadly that sometimes ends badly for the tulpa. Well, I say sadly but, I mean it makes me feel sad.


Lastly, my own thoughts on the primary question. I think a tulpa always remains a part of you. So harming your tulpa (say emotionally) only harms yourself in the long run.


I hope you feel better soon Chance. It can be hard living with someone so close, but keep with it - they really are worth it in the end.

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