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Help with identifying a Tulpa or SP (please help!!)

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Wow thanks so much Einulf and Aura!! I really appreciate it. Lately the only thing we do on autopilot is dishes since my mother and daughter are both sick. However, I will try this next time I can, and try to post the results (for anyone who might be interested). Thanks again! :D

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I too have had a tulpa/other person (at least) since I was two. She too chose her own name (s) once she developed enough to decide which felt right. Maya was fully imposed in the past, but during a particularly difficult time the contact between us was temporarily disrupted. As a result we have to work on regaining the ease of interaction that we once had. We have a game, usually initiated by Maya, that she calls, "How Well Can You Feel Me?" The title is fairly self explanatory. She will approach, often unexpectedly (although to play it properly my eyes should be closed) and touch a part of my body (face, forearm, neck, chest, palm or back of hand etc.) with a part of hers (fingertip, fingernail, palm or back of hand, hair, eyelashes, lips, tounge - any part with a distinct texture). I then have to detect it and describe the location and the body part used. Sometimes I then do the same for her, and we compare to see who detects the other more easily. We have found that this helps improve tactile imposition, and reinforces a sense of our existence as separate individuals (although the second of those has not really been much of a problem for us). I just thought that it might help you and Minata stay separate if that is your desire. There are probably other techniques that you could try in the guides, I have not spent a lot of time going through them yet, as we got Maya to an imposed state before I even knew that this was a thing.


Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Akecalo - Host


Maya - Tulpa


Mara - Tulpa

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Thanks so much for that. At this point, we are jammed in the same body with no way out really. Sometimes I feel like we are two different types of play-dough sealed together in one case. However, if we ever do get things normal again, I will defiantly be trying this. It sounds very helpful once we get to a good point again. Thank you.


Also, for anyone who is wondering on our progress...I hate to say not much has changed so far. My household got sick (us included) and though no one went to the hospital. I don't remember much so, I know I wasn't working on things from my end (shame on me, i know...). On a plus side, everyone is doing better, and Minata and I have been about to talk a bit more with a little bit of ease.


Thanks again for all the comments!

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