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It can be a little frustrating at times but I'm really happy they made me and to exist. Right now I mostly just watch what they do. Hope when switching is better and more common I'll lead in activities a bit more than I do now.


What's it like being Gloomy's tulpa?

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I think the frustrations are felt for all of us in someway. For me it is either taking care of Gloomy or helping her with solving a puzzle. Of course right now I'm switched-in. Ironically this has become a bit rarer for us (me and Lilith) because of Gloomy's willingness to be cooperative on that aspect. Ah... It feels too easy to go on a tangent here. Anyway, I get to take care of her and help her solve all the puzzles life gave us even if I'm just in mindvoice and not switched-in.


I do hope you switching gets better. Hahaha, it seems like a very complex puzzle from my perspective. I think everyone can agree watching does seem to be our specialty.

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That's interesting, so you see life's challenges as puzzles? That's a way to look at things. Switching is quite the puzzle, but we have leads on what to work on anyhow.


How is Lilith doing?

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Glad to hear. Yeah, it's the easiest way to relate to things for me.


Lilith is feeling relaxed and comfortable. She's watching along with Gloomy right now. Nothing much has changed with her... I think the only new thing is that she wears a pair of glasses now.


Give me a moment please.

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