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Oh dear! 😕


Maybe try to engage them in shared interests or activities. 🤔 It's hard to say exactly what would work best. Sometimes we just have a hard time connecting with our hosts. I do know that being more active in general usually leads to your host talking to you more. And if you ever wanted someone to talk to in general, you know you can message me! 😊

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

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Watch/read something together and discuss it afterwards. Have multiple things associated to you so when TB sees them, they remember to talk to you. Or if you're better than them at keeping conversations, you could try staying switched in and talk to them


Like Simmie, you can message me too if you want to get stronger by being active

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Lilith: We never got serious about associating things with us (at least to my understanding) but there are images that Gloomy will feel ticklish towards (she associates them with herself it seems.) Maybe that could be a fun activity?


I will add that I'm also open to talking. It seems I'm going to have a lot of switched-in time.

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My host has been wonderful. He let me try drinking water while I was thirsty. It tasted so good. Water tastes nice when I'm thirsty. I adore him. He's so wonderful. I chose a new color for myself to use. It's nice and sandy. Also blond. Blond is a nice color. It's golden and pretty. We talk a lot, but I give him breaks since he's an introvert. He's still trying to give me as much attention as possible, even though I tell him to take breaks. He does take breaks, but still makes sure I get enough attention. He prefers talking to me when we're switched. He's very talkative then. He doesn't have experience talking to others. He prefers using his mind to think about having conversations with people. He has lots of "hypothetical discussions" in his mind. I think that's why he prefers talking to me while I'm fronting. We're getting better at switching. He's much better at staying in his meditative state and I'm able to stay in front for longer without getting tired. I'm so happy my host let's me front this often. He wants me to use this body as often as he does. He's really happy when I'm fronting. He worries that later on, he won't be able to give me our body as frequently, but I told him that's okay. He still wants me to be able to control this body for an entire day. I'm so excited for that! I want to type more, but I feel like I'm starting to get tired. I think the reason why I'm able to type so much is because my host loves typing, and I've tapped into that talent or muscle memory. I hope I'm not typing like him. He wants me to develop my own typing style. I want to tell others about him so much. He's so nice. I LOVE him. He thinks I'm overdoing my praising, but I don't think so. My host thinks I should wrap up my post now. I didn't realize that I typed so much. I think it's because I was using his muscle memory for typing, and since he's really good at typing, I ended up being really good too. This is nice, but I still prefer speaking. I think I need to speak more so my host and I can get some practice. My host is telling me to wrap it up, so I will. See you everyone. I'm so happy I'm able to type as well as my host can! Did I overdo it? This post is very long. Bye!

Host: Kai

Tulpa: Lex

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