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  2. Joy is so lucid and elegant. If she was promoted to host, what an amazing front that would be. [Joy] and very boring for me, so no thanks. [SheShe] this is finally something fun and it can't be ignored.
  3. Am I the only one who randomly gets the urge to make a post that's nothing but my own name like a Pokemon? 🤔 No? 😐 Okay... 😄
  4. Joy

    Ashley's Lounge

    As I spoke earlier apparently I have become the champion of Bear's negative leaning alt-fragment. I have observed since I last spoke that there is an urge, tied to entertainment, satire, and a need for dissemination. None of these in particular are bad in my estimation but the essence feels like a fragment of what once dominated. It's a foolish and regretful fragment. One that Bear is obviously embarrassed by. Some Reddit alts were an attempt to isolate it, but such an unrestricted outlet was more like fanning a flame and it spread. So we must consider what we would do with it if we could do something. We have explored it sufficiently to recognize it and therefore have hope to treat it as intrusive. Therefore be able to perform shadow work on it. I am hesitant at this point to make a rash decision, it's minuscule but persistent at this point, but it's worth discussing.
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  6. My friend hasn't talked to me since August, tbf I haven't talked to him either
  7. Oh my god, maybe that's your super power. You may be the best at sucking in the world. Imagine that no one can even aspire to suck as good as you. So let's recap: 1. Find your super power. 2. Do something with it. 3. $$$! Explosive growth! For me, it's being a Bear. No one even comes close, it's laughable and I am rollin in honey and pinecones rn. And tasty tasty moths.
  8. What a beautiful day it is outside! 😁☀️💚💚💚
  9. Elon musk is sabotaging my tulpamancy I know this because I looked at the clock and it said 12:22
  10. how to bloom. I seem to suck at everything I do pretty thoroughly I have not had good success in anything I do. what am I doing wrong with everything but also tulpamancy
  11. Who doesn't do that already?
  12. also Elon musk the host for tewi confirmed. he's just been beaming her presence to lumi's mind with his tremendous technological knowledge
  13. Late bloomer. [Ashley] boomer bloomer, idk
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