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  2. I don't...think so? It's never really spoken to me before. At risk of sounding a little too metaphysical, it's like it gives me a gateway to other worlds. I would like to try using it for meditation just to see what happens, but right now I have trouble even remembering to drink water despite the fact my mouth gets painfully dry while high, so...
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  4. That was a rabbit hole. you can have different meanings with linguistic structure, multiple interpretation and syntax. chikyuu morotomo, konagona ni shiteyaru!!="I'll smash it to pieces, along with the Earth!!" Вместе с Землёй, вдребезги!= "Together with the Earth, to pieces!" jap>eng>rus "Я разобью его на куски вместе с Землей!!=I'll smash it to pieces, along with the Earth!!" However we don't know what is being broken along with the earth. Anyways like I said good night TB Maybe you can help me learn Japanese.
  5. I'm sorry I'm still a little messed up - is this supposed to be a joke? Are you asking if my high can force (like, tulpa forcing)?
  6. I plan to drink a lot of water and also try to re-establish connection with my inner world ^^" THC always makes me really fuzzy and...I guess "It gives me a spiritual experience" is a bit cliche to say, huh? I have a lot of experiences while on it, at least. Either way, it usually messes with my connection, so I gotta meditate extra hard for a little while after.
  7. Hey, glad you had fun then. Nice to see you I'm getting ready to draw What do you plan to do?
  8. Good evening my friends. I finally feel back to normal after a fun gummy :3 What's everyone been up to?
  9. Hai sou degozaimasu How do you say "chikyuu morotomo, konagona ni shiteyaru!!" in Russian The question I was going to ask after the video you sent lol
  10. You have a second opinion wherever you go.
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  12. If they sell pots I may get that because I need a new one, but furniture seems to be their main thing Unless Rena has a better idea
  13. May in Review Our main focus this month was on practicing co-fronting. It’s been very enjoyable for me, and has helped Bee through some stressful situations. Lenore, now having mastered possession, wanted to try too. She’s taken to co-fronting with Bee whenever we go to the gym. They named their fusion Helena. Our meditation practice is still going well. We’ve learned so much about how our mind works. In addition to Bee’s improved emotional regulation, we’ve also noticed an improvement in her ability to concentrate. We can achieve a much deeper state of focus, albeit only for a few minutes at a time. Our goal for June is to apply our improved focus to tulpa forcing. We've already noticed an improvement in our visualization sessions. In addition, Bee would like to devote more time to letting the rest of us explore our interests. (She feels she's been slacking in that department. I've got no complaints, but it's sweet of her to worry.)
  14. Buy two 10$ Gift cards. Let Rena decide.
  15. Thank you both. Our travels did indeed go well. We crossed a desert, climbed a mountain, and slept under the stars. It was like nothing I had experienced before. A few of my favorite photos: This week was also special for us, as it contained both Bee and Calliope’s birthdays. We created Cal one year ago on Bee’s birthday. They chose 6/13 as the day they'd like to celebrate. I admit, there was a time when I wanted Bee all to myself. Now, I can’t imagine life as anything but a system of four. Cal, I’m glad to be able to call you my friend. Here’s to another year. Love you, little bro.
  16. and they sent me a 20 dollar gift card as an apology for taking so long to ship my ac. idk what i'd use it on
  17. Throwing out some ideas for background Pool party Backyard cook out Bowling ally Rave(Neon and spandex[dark environment might be challenging]) Cake and ice-cream social Movie night Tiki torch party Costume party Bord game night If anyone sees any sort of background that would work, post it here, an html link would be good if the image is a large file. I will keep my eyes open.
  18. Lavender is very perceptive and has several times told me things about myself I didn't notice. I thanked her while being amazed at her ability to notice things I don't. Just another way that my life is so much better since she came into it.
  19. It is extremely humid today. Last night and even this morning it was quite hot but it feels okay inside now. My air conditioner needs to arrive by Sunday because Sunday is going to be awful. It's actually going to be sun day My ac has shipped! It says it will arrive.... Today. Doubt Okay email said today but route tracking app says tomorrow. Tomorrow is still extremely impressive. Usually things take 2 days to arrive when shipped in the best case scenario
  20. Good afternoon! 😊 Very hot day here. ☀️
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