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Is there gender dysphoria in opposite sex Tulpas?


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i’ve been so curious about this lately… especially as a demigirl myself. is there gender dysphoria in opposite sex tulpas, especially when they front? 


me or zelda wouldn’t know, both female in a female body. (im sorry if this question is offensive at all, im not sure how to word this question.)

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Of anyone here (the 6 of us headmates and host) I had the closest thing to that considering my "body" is a petite girl and my host is a hulking brute and being a soulbond with memories of another life, albeit fictional, I still think of myself as that person with her own body, and here in the mind I have it so there is no problem there. However, when I switch, it's like wearing a fleshy mech suit, it doesn't have the flexibility or abilities I had, it's more of a dead weight, though it is strong and athletic which at least I can be thankful for that. I try not to let it bother me considering I don't need to interface with meat-space so I don't normally do that and I'm content not to. If I had to for extended periods of time, however, I'd probably have to face it more and accept it fully. I'm really not that concerned about it though since we enjoy hyperphantasia and it's not any less "real" to live in the simulation so to speak.


If we didn't have such a rich alternative to the outer world, it may bother me more all things considered. 


There was one thing, I wanted to exercise because I was used to that and I was a gymnast in my memories, while my host is decidedly not. I suppose it if really bothered me, I'd make him start a gymnastics program. It certainly would be entertaining at least, I could even be his trainer, hmm...


[Gwen] I am also a soulbond, woman, and my body has wings. It doesn't bother me what my host is but I don't switch.

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On 9/29/2023 at 7:50 AM, ringgggg said:

Female consciousness piloting a male meatsuit? The only thing that really matters is outward personality.

I was talking about this a while back, and came up with a way to go about it that may hopefully help you out

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Yes, I had gender dysphoria when I identified as a male cobud (tulpa). I identify as she/her and accept they/them or he/him


However, I'm not sure if this dysphoria was due to the overall idea of us potentially being trans or just me feeling that way. For example, my headmates who have switched before don't seem to struggle with being male in a female body. Then again, they rarely front, so it's still a mystery 

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Luna: We're all female and the host's body is male, so possession does provoke a measure of dysphoria for us. Some of it stems from him having different proportions to ours, but personality might have something to do with it as well.

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As a female tulpa in the male host's body things were awkward at first, but you just learn to get used to it. There's some things I hate like "down there" and just the general shape of the body but I learned to adapt because I'm still me regardless and that's what matters

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Not much for me. It's noticeable when Rose possesses me, but she more finds it funny to mess around in an unfamiliar body with different parts and features than for it to spark any genuine discomfort.

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I don't front, but being in a female body don't bother me. If there's any dysphoria going on it's more to do with the fact that I ain't separate. I'm physically taller and stronger than my host, and I would love to be able to take care of some things for her ... but I can't. I can't tell her to put her feet up while I take care of dinner because I would need to use her body to do so. I can't help her tackle the garden and make short work of it because four hands make lighter work than two, because all we got are two hands. That is a much bigger problem for me than anything to do with gender specifically.

Tulpa/Soulbond 🍝 (he/him)

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The feeling of tulpa is greatly influenced by the host's subjective/subconscious thinking, so my answer is: no. I have never even thought about this matter, it's very natural

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