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  2. Cats love to roll around in rotten fruit so I'm not even surprised. More to come once host learns to draw better
  3. Whoa, it's been a while! Just looked at the picture you had drawn for me the other day wondering if you'd ever be back.
  4. I wouldn't worry about such things. I was too when I forned my system and they helped me more than you can currently imagine. At this point, it couldn't hurt, I haven't heard of anyone saying their tulpa made things worse outside of creepypasta.
  5. On the other hand, if I had a nickel for every lyre I've seen on the forums...I wouldn't have any nickels.
  6. Originally Rebecca had her own form and I just used the body for my form because I was uncreative and couldn’t think of a good form for myself. Eventually though, I grew tired of using the body as my form, as I wanted to view it as something we share and is for both of us. So I changed to using my favorite Pokemon Illumise, as my profile picture currently is except I usually use it’s shiny colors, as my form. I much prefer this form, it feels like me way more than just using the body did.
  7. We like to joke about just how different we are with each other. I’m a mushy emotional person and Rebecca is much more logical and calm person. I seem to be much more likely to rush decisions and be more stubborn, Rebecca is just better at thinking things through and not worrying as much, I tend to trust her judgment after how much she’s been right. She’s much more optimistic too, she’s encouraging and likes to think there’s always a way to achieve what you want if you put the work in. I’d say I’m a better listener and definitely deal with emotions better. We both have our strengths and weakne
  8. even if you counted every person on this forum, i don't think that enough people have been on this forum for that. in fact, there are only ~8 billion people in the world, so if you had a nickel for every person in the world you would only have 40 billion dollars
  9. if only I had a nicker for every liar I saw on this forum, I would be a trillionaire.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Mordecai: [Like others said in this thread, the initial dilemma here would be the ethics of bringing someone into an environment like that. Personally, I don't find this to be a huge issue. Its not really the same as bringing a child into a bad household, its more complicated than that. You could even argue that tulpas are merely facets of yourself, so in that case, you're not dooming anyone new to live in your body. Then again, I'm not sure what the general consensus is on tulpa-host relations in the brain nowadays. Could just be us. I will go ahead and say permaswitching is a
  12. i have some good curtains, so no light is getting through unless they are open
  13. Creating a tulpa to create a deep friendship you can lean on, and even a being who can literally inject you with a positive set of emotions and a positive perspective when you need it, can be extremely helpful. If this is your reason, I'd say go ahead, but understand they may not be a perfect panacea all the time. They aren't a cure, they'll just help manage some symptoms. Others have touched on it here but they haven't touched on the most important part of it to my mind: Do not ever use switching to escape from reality. Specifically never try to completely dissociate from reality
  14. That makes sense. I'm grateful for the bushy pine tree blocking half my window in the morning. I use a Bruce Lee movie poster back by cardboard to block the remaining sunlight. Blinds do nothing against direct sunlight. I guess they prevent retinal damage but do nothing for sleeping purposes.
  15. Some time ago an initiative was established that was named ITCU (International Tulpa Community Union). Its sole purpose was an exchange of knowldge, although it hadn't gotten too far in that. IIRC, at the moment there are around 17 representatives from different tulpa communities, which include English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and Polish.
  16. for some reason it gets hottest in our room at ~8:30 AM, probably because of the sunlight hitting our room the most at that time
  17. I don't typically need the fan in the mornings. More of an afternoon thing.
  18. -How do you feel right now? Can't complain. I've had a relaxing couple of days while [Etna] has been busy doing things with her husband. -Can you feel pain, cold, heat? I haven't thought about it. In Wonderland, yes. For things that happen to my host, I'm aware of them, but there's a degree of separation. If she stubs her toe, I don't feel as if I've stubbed my toe too, but I'm aware of the pain. -What do you think of your creator? I love her. Anything else is between me and her, not the rest of the world. -What do you think about tulpas?
  19. well I'm not really a fan of mornings specifically, but I am a big fan of good
  20. Creating a Tulpa can be very helpful if you're depressed or anxious. I feel much better now, having someone to talk to who listens and doesn't judge and can't misunderstand. We take care of each other in that way. If something bothers one of us, the other one is there to help, and there are no secrets between us - unless we specifically both agree that the other doesn't need to know something. As for creating a Tulpa for the sole purpose of switching, that means you take away their consent. They didn't ask to be created, and now they're supposed to take over running your body in yo
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