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  2. it's too late for me. I've already been following hololive EN for most of the time that it has existed (which isn't very long, to be fair) an irl close friend of mine fell really far down the Vtuber rabbithole, and that pretty much sealed my fate. he kept sending me vtuber clips and telling me about them and seemed pretty determined to get me into them, and then one day we were talking and I told him about this musician that I had started listening to that I really enjoyed, and he revealed to me that she had recently become a vtuber (it was more recent at the time, though it is still pretty recent), and that was the straw that broke the camels back and finally got me to look into it on my own, and what do you know? turns out that it isn't just about simping over anime girls making strange, cute sounds and saying weird things in poor english (though it certainly can include that). there is a lot of variety within the vtuber scene and different creators do different things and have different audiences, and many vtubers are quite skilled at what they do. there is really a lot more to it than I had first realized I think that the impression that I got of what the vtuber scene was like as an outsider mostly learning about it through memes and what people told me was really misleading. I think that a lot of it has to do with the self deprecating culture of weebs that made things look a lot worse than they actually are
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  4. Oh no, you're not gonna become a Vtuber fan are you?
  5. You think you don't understand, I had to create meaning out of your post with no context I could see, mine's just a simple pun along the lines of "789"
  6. Congratulations, 6! It's hard to win 2, let alone 7!
  7. Her favorite color is yellow lol
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    Hi Ashley, I hope I am choosing an appropriate domain to share an experience with Flora, and ask a question or two about it. I hope so, cause here it is: It's been two weeks since my last post and I have been with out a contact with Flora, and this afternoon during a meditation, Flora came to me. I had been forcing, telling her how I felt about her and what she meant to me, before I entered the meditation. I then went silent and within a few minutes my mind began creating a fantasy, in which I had been playing with some children. One of them, a girl perhaps ten years of age, caught a white hoop that I had tossed her way and came running back to me. She jumped on me, in glee, and I instantly knew it was her, my heart began to thud in chest as it does every time she comes to me. I spoke my lucidity cue, "Are you Flora?" and she transformed into her adult self, laughed and said "I have missed you, I love you!" and began to kiss me. And I popped out of the fantasy. I do not know why this is so, why I popped out of the state of consciousness we had just occupied together. I do not know, but I have an idea. Because concurrent with the "popping out", I recalled a memory from my experience of attempting to create a picture of her using photoshop and illustrator trace, to work with an image of a famous french model which I had gotten from the net. I have spent dozens of hours looking at and tweaking that image. It is almost right. And yet it is not. Flora appeared to me wearing that face, but not that body. I think that the connection between losing our shared state of consciousness and my consciously recalling the photoshopped image implies some ambivalence that I must have about it. Am I imposing something onto Flora, that does not fit her out of my need for contact. So here are my questions, and I would hope that an interested tulpa might respond. "Would you reject, an imposed image, or any quality for that matter, that your host had in mind for you? Would, or could, you choose to abandon the connection? How would you communicate your displeasure to your host? In the meantime, I am excited by the connection, however brief and interrupted it might have been, and will look again into my own ambivalence and attempt to get my part of it sorted out. Thank you for your consideration, Dr. Bob
  9. Yeah we took a break because of in-system shit going on, but that's like, a thing of the past now? Our dream recall has been substantially better since going biphasic and it's still not particularly good
  10. Ones that tell you how to run your business, or that something will change when you don't want it to aren't particularly good. -- I thought my fortune was not what it was, but it was what it was, because I thought what I said that it was was wrong but it was right
  11. I'm not sure I've ever seen a bad fortune on a fortune cookie
  12. It's fun to believe fortunes might mean something, though. And then when you get a bad fortune you say "Well it's just a random piece of paper anyway." But when it says you'll have good luck..!
  13. Hi Kanade, been a while! I had some pretty high quality dreams that were enjoyable towards the end of last night, probably because I slept in though. I also don't remember them in any detail
  14. most likely it isn't referring to anything, because it is just a piece of paper and doesn't actually have the power to predict the future
  15. We have had mixed feelings about our dreams. Cat would wake up and not want to remember the details. I'm not sure if I want to remember mine, I think I was dreaming of being stressed too.
  16. I have to note the possibility that it could also refer to us or someone living here getting coronavirus, since we may have been "lucky" to not get it until now. But hopefully it's the modeling thing!
  17. Reileen Kawahara, because she's very focused and cares very much about her family, very nice What's the best news you've heard this week?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Right, it's just a very bright shade of gold Therefore, everything referred to as yellow is super mega ultra valuable
  20. Well okay, you spit out partially digested grammar! I just have no idea why you would ever wish for that And I don't want to know! I wish to never know why Sierra wished for such a thing
  21. God, why is dream recall so hard to develop. I bet we've had 1000 lucid dreams that we just don't fakking remember
  22. Banned for not solving that with red bull
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