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My family thinks I'm insane, they think my tulpa is a form of mental illness and they want me to get rid of him. I can't do that, I love him! How do I convince them he is not dangerous and that he's a good friend that I shouldn't get rid of?

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If you truly want to convince them then I think your best bet would be to get them to read this topic
It's the most detailed examination on mental illness and tulpa I think we have on this site and it's well worth a read.

Honestly though it may be in your better interests to just go along with them and pretend you don't have one anymore. How the hell will they know you're lying after all? People are prejudiced and this topic is one of the most batshit things I've ever encountered, but you learn it's true the more you do it.
I don't have much in the way of ideas beyond what King of Manga suggested other than you should avoid lying if you think there is possibility at some point that you and your tulpa will not be able to hide your tulpa's existence because getting caught in a lie could really cause you more problems. But if you think you can hide everything, then lying is an option.

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Honestly it's understandable that they think this but truth be told I think the best option would be to just keep your tulpa to yourself. No one has to know and in the end they'll feel better about the whole thing.

Unless there is a slim chance they can be educated on the topic of tulpas trying to convince them Probobly won't do you much good
my parents apparently tulpamanced way before i was born so my family seems to have tulpamancing in the blood line.. or a form of it.. when i said i was a spirit keeper and a tulpamancer they just said "oh.. we did that too, it's the best!" caught me off guard.


You could try just telling them it's an imaginary friend. Make it sound more basic, like what a child would have. They could probably understand that a lot better, because they know what that is as compared to a tulpa.

Or as other suggested a less risky way is to just pretend you complied and got rid of him!
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Patchlamb has a good idea, but I would suggest thinking about it really hard before you tried to explain your tupper in those terms too. They might react badly to you have an "imaginary friend" as well. I don't know your family, so I don't know how they would react to that, but be careful.
I hate to say its the only option but I really think you're behind a rock and hard place but really, you can't likely convince them it's a good thing and telling them its an imaginary friend also caries negative implications like Ashmo said. I hate to be the devil on your should but seriously what choice do you have but lie? I would wager if you try to convince them they will get defensive and think of you as 'resisting', but that's just my opinion... I just don't really want anything bad to happen to one of us. How'd you even get in this situation if you don't mind sharing?
Why did you told them about it in the first place?
get your butt to the DMV-5 website, look up schizophrenia, check out all the diagnosing criteria and if you don't fit it (which you won't btw), then show the criteria to your parents.

They likely don't know what it is beyond their fears of how it relates to your situation.

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