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I tried visualizing my tulpa for the first time tonight, and I had a weird problem. As soon as I created it (its makeshift form is a simple blue sphere; I'll let it change it later on), it started to spin, and I couldn't stop it. I actually got dizzy and physically nauseous from its spinning and I had to stop forcing. Later on, I tried again, and I was able to keep it still for a few seconds at a time if I concentrated really hard, but it would always start spinning again.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does anyone have any advice?

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Some times this happens (or wobbling) when I get to focused on things. I just turn around and look at something else for a bit to 'calm down'.

Could be that its a form your tulpa dislikes and is trying to get rid of it. Try a few different forms you like and see what the results are. Be open to your feelings when you are doing this, you don't want to block out what they are telling you.
I had kind of a similar problem but that was I was creating my "wonderland" one or few times when I tried to visualize a corridor the walls would just collapse and both walls would close up like a sandwich so I imagined some kind of metal holding the walls in their place.I am saying its your overactive imagining making it spin so you can wait it out or use a little "symbolism" to stop it.
So, a quick update on this: the tulpa's form kind of changed on its own to a humanoid, half-translucent ghostly skeleton-like thing, and the change seemed to lessen the spinning. Maybe you were right, a937539! I tried to do a short forcing session where I worked on simply keeping the tulpa still, but my head started hurting and I started to get nauseous after about ten minutes, and so I had to end it earlier than planned. Jeez, forcing is exhausting.

I also used Fede's pink noise tones during this session, and they seemed to help.
From this old thread:

(07-15-2013, 05:58 PM)Chupi Wrote: Regarding the spinning, that seems to be more of a visualization error. I had something like it early on too. Visualized objects would spin out of control and I couldn't stop them. What fixed it was I started letting them spin out into a blur, then visualize the object as it actually is in the wonderland, over the fading blur. It helped to recognize that the object itself wasn't spinning. I was just perceiving it incorrectly. I suggest trying something similar. YMMV.
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Told you its just an imagination or maybe visualisation problem and call it puppeting but if it was your tulpa you would be able to stop it easily so its not regarding your tulpa...

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