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How does switching in a Wonderland feel?


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Though Al and I haven't fully switched per say, I have had a few experiences of letting go and disassociating myself from my body and going into my wonderland. It feels pretty similar to a dream but it's lucid, so it actually feels pretty real. Only issue is that as soon as I start to drift away I get excited and snap right back in control. So I guess my answer is it's a little of both in my experience. Maybe the longer I'm there the more real it'll feel.

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Only issue is that as soon as I start to drift away I get excited and snap right back in control. (...) Maybe the longer I'm there the more real it'll feel.


Well, I know 0 about switching and very little about tulpas, but I do know something about lucid dreaming. This "getting excited and leaving" is perfectly natural when you are new to the feeling of a lucid dream, and there are many ways to improve this. As for the reality of it all, it's simply amazing. I don't think we tend to realise how mindblowing everything looks the first few times it happens because we are more focused in not leaving the dream and that skews both our memory and ability to focus on the world itself, but once you begin getting more confortable with the feeling and once you begin stabilizing more naturally you'll realize how amazing it is. I can't even describe how it feels. Is it just like awaking life? Yes, except sometimes it can feel even more lucid.


I would check out the dreamviews forums (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link them here), they have tons of info, tutorials and guides on inducing lucidity, stabilizing, and otherwise getting more out of your lucid dreams.


I know it is a tangential topic at best, but if what I've been reading around here is true, I think proper lucid dream control and induction would benefit hosts and tulpas alike greatly, so I decided to pitch in. And to the OP: Believe me, if switching is like a lucid dream, you'll enjoy it a great deal, but you do not need switching to lucid dream.

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I'd say switching feels more like being completely immersed in a day dream. Like if you were meditating and then imagined yourself somewhere doing something. Unfortunately I have to be the party pooper and say it definitely isn't as real as a lucid dream, no matter how good your visualization skills are. Lucid dreaming is as real as or realer than waking reality. Switching is being completely dissociated from your body, so essentially existing in your mind/imagination. So it's equivalent to immersive daydreaming, if you're good at it, while your tulpa has the control you normally would.


Also of course you can link there, anything that could help. This is a place of learning and sharing experiences.

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