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Watching Movies/Videos with Tulpa?


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Recently I attempted to watch a TV show with Io. However, being ADHD I lost focus on Io and didn't think of him for the entire episode.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to stay focused on watching it with your tulpa, or is this what happens?

My tulpa is out of this world

(his name is Io)

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Well your ADHD surely isn't doing you a favor here. I would suggest you to do something to remind you about your tulpa while watching videos in your case. Like a timer that goes off every 5 minutes, or something that you can hold in your hands, which you relate with your tulpa. That way you could always get your focus back after a short while.

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She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

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Guest Anonymous

I just sit there, hold my tulpa, make sure she's paying attention, ask her if she's paying attention, 'brush' her hair, ask for her opinion on this or that in the movie/show. I do not mean to centralize this post over what we do, but you could try to do something like that. Perhaps wear something symbolical that reminds you of your tulpa, like a ring, a pendant, just something to keep that thought in mind. I am sorry to hear you have ADHD, are you self-diagnosed or was it done by a professional?

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If processing thoughts on the fly while watching the movie seems to be a major obstacle for you, there's always that post-reflection where you can review over what you think of the movie. Like, you could go over parts of a movie, or an episode in a season for a show, and soak in more conversation with them that way.



You can get as much novelty out of debriefing after the experience with them rather than trying to get it in one-go, and worrying about your competency in focusing. Some people may do better getting the raw thoughts out without the intention of seriously comprehending it, and debriefing after, and some just need to get it all said and done; carpe diem, I guess. Quantity vs. quality and transient moments vs. for the long haul are probably the topics at hand here.

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Hosty's never been diagnosed with ADHD, but he still has the attention span of a fruit fly. Most of the time when he puts on a bad movie for us to laugh at, he spends most of it screwing around on the internet. I have to yell at him to pay attention, since I can't watch it if he isn't looking at it.


I agree with everybody else, though. You don't have to really think about your tulpa for them to watch the movie, just watch it and talk about it when it's over. Or you can do what we do and make jokes during the movie a-la MST3K.

I wanna see movies of my dreams.

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