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Tulpa War! Can one tulpa harm or destroy another tulpa? If so, how does that work?

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Thanks for your informative response. :-)


This is off topic but...I only sort of consider Melian part of a system mainly when interacting online. In my daily life in the real world she is more like an enhanced imaginary friend. I would not consider her an equal or alternate personality in either case really. I think that is one thing that sets me apart from many or most tulpamancers who may be inclined to consider a tulpa an "equal consciousness." That is of course fine for them as that is how they are experiencing things. I still love Melian and she could not be more important to me. But this is my one body and my one brain and my one mind and she is a piece of my mind, a creation living within my imagination. She is more of an emotional and artistic expression than an alternate personality.



[Tri] Levels of separation and independence vary wildly between tulpas and hosts, varying from one end of being separate sentient beings to being very interconnected and not independently sentient. Some tulpas are indeed pieces or aspects of the host. Others are fully formed people. Some slide around between these two states and various inbetween states over time or due to circumstances. When we talk, we usually assume greater separation and independent sentience so as to not treat others as less separate, independent, and/or sentient than they really are. It is better to assume more than less when talking in general terms. This all actually applies to other types of plurality too. Very wide spectrum.

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[Hail] Just going to finish off the bit of a tangent.



That article is woefully out of date. For one, it hasn't been known as MPD in over a decade. If you want better information, I suggest reading the Adult Treatment Guidelines from the ISST-D (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) for a medical perspective or heading out into other plural communities for community perspectives.


I should note that there are a few DID and OSDD/DDNOS systems in the tulpamancy community who have also made tulpas and can give some personal perspectives.


That all said, yes, alters can fight each other and sometimes do. And yes, there can be amnesia with regards to switching, which is known as "losing time". That said, not all DID and OSDD systems even have a "host" and not all have total amnesia with switching (levels vary). And such systems can often reduce the amnesia with some work (some even manage to figure that out on their own).



That isn't quite true since there are a number of differences. Also, not all tulpamancy is intentional or controlled (look at the number of people who start getting walkins and accidental tulpas and the number of people who have natural tulpas). And DID systems often do come to decent levels of internal control.



In short, yes. DID and OSDD systems can have wonderlands (often called headspaces or innerworlds) and the members of the systems, if they have wonderlands, generally do have forms there.


As for similarities and differences, I have been told that from a practical standpoint, in a system with both alters and tulpas, there isn't that much difference between them when they are developed but that they sometimes have different flavors. In my own system, there certainly don't seem to be major differences between S. (the original here) and tulpas, though we are not a DID system (OSDD maybe, but definitely not DID).



This is no different than tulpas and hosts, who have their own personalities, preferred ways of dress, different mannerisms, etc. In wonderlands/headspaces/innerworlds, tulpas, hosts, and alters are alike in that they can have forms very different from each other and/or the body.



See further up in this post.


Thanks for the link, I will be reading more on it today. Apologies for the older link, it was just surprising to me how many terms coincided. Since you mention that they're older, I'm not sure if they're used anymore though...Guess I'll figure it out when I read more.

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I've had tulpas fight each other or argue with each other in the past. One tulpa ended up disappearing completely. My wonderland is a size of several continents. So the tulpa that disappear didn't completely vanish she just live in a different place. But I don't really daydream with her anymore so I guess she's not a tulpa anymore.

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I don't know about their ability to actually hurt one another, but shaide has been teaching Elizabeth how to do wing tsun, often imposing both of them on his own without my input or approval. I haven't stopped him or disallowed the behaviour because any practice they do adds to my neural network for fighting and improves my own WT game.


I also taught Liz the forms for imposition practice, so that she can independently perform a open handed task to make herself stronger the way she was originally programmed ro do. (She was made by a hypnosis file almost a decade ago, then ignored untill a month or two ago)

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1&2: It's not so much a conflict for space as for the mind, at least most of the time. Of course, a tulpa or other being might not he aware they're living in a simulated wonderland and can simply create another. In that case it may well be over space. I suppose it can also be about power over the other if each makes their own wonderland place and then they still fight over them -- for the same reason that 2 cats and 5 food bowls won't be conflict free.


My own tulpas have had some tensions between them, but to my knowledge they've never fought each other. We've all fought non-tulpa monsters as part of wonderland adventures, but the worst they've done to me or each other physically is a slap. Their personalities are such that they generally resolve things peacefully, or at least go to their own place to pout a while. I've talked to people who have had outright tulpa wars though.


3: Harm, yes. Destroy/kill, yes. Permanently, almost always no. They can die in the wonderland from natural hazards too, but it's all about as serious as dying in a dream. The pain is real and they lose consciousness when they "die", but then they wake up or respawn back home a bit later.


4: Often yes, and it's usually far easier to make peace between beings that can share thoughts than between IRL people. The host might feel some tension and stress, but if they're not aware there's some fight going on, they probably wouldn't make the connection that it's tulpa related.


5: I'd say yes, and you should keep in mind the personalities you're creating and how they might get along. Make two power hungry dominant types and there will almost certainly be some sort of conflict.

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