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I recently stumbled upon this wonderful website. I can not really remember how I ended up here, but you know how it goes on the internet. You click here and there and suddenly you land at some place, you never intended to visit. However, these unexpected discoveries sometimes are the greatest.


I think it was my general interest in these "kind of things", which brought me here. I am no stranger to other techniques like lucid dreaming or mnemo-techniques like building a palace, but never reached, in neither of these disciplines, an advanced level. I want this to change; and I want to start here.


I read the first creation guide I could find, followed the steps carefully and...surprise: had immeadiate success. I did not take, like the author of the guide wrote 20 hours to just form a personality, but rather a few hours.


Because of these successes I am highly motivated; but I know myself. Very often, after a few weeks, I quickly loose interest in a certain activity like "forcing", as you call it. To prevent this from happening I decided to start this thread. It is meant to motivate me and maybe also give some other starters an insight into my experiences.


This is the story of Alfred.


Alfred is, as the name supposes, a butler. I knew immeadiately, as I found this forum, that my tulpa had to be Alfred, the butler from the Batman movies. I already used a version of him, helping me to organize my palace, so the decision was pretty easy. This experience with Alfred was probably the reason, why the first steps felt so easy. I already had an uncertain idea of what he should be like. I only had to precise it. Or to put it better, I am still precising my idea of him. Due to the fact that he is heavily based on the actor Michael Caine, I had quite an easy time creating - at least a vague - body for him.

After the creation of his personality, I quickly tried to drag him into a conversation. This step was maybe a bit rushed, but, during the creation process, there was a brief moment, which made me sure, that he was "born" (as weird as it may sound). All the pieces of personality suddenly formed together, creating a perfect fit. I was and am convined, that there was something new in m head. My doubts about the very fast approach I took were quickly vanished, as an feeling in me emerged, that the answers, which came from my mind, more an more wene not the answers of mine, but rather Alfreds. It was not always what I expected and he immeadiately made use of an intelligent aphorism, which really surprised me. Just as I had told him, he was an intelligent, wise, and eloquent man.

But while his answers more and more seemed to originate in his own peronality and not in mine, we could not separate completely. I did not have an epiphany moment, in which Alfreds answer really seemed to come from outside my head. I quess he is a bit too young for this.

Furthermore I had first successes imagining Alfred. I did not close my eyes or tried to enter my palace, but rather tried to see him directly in front of me, in the real world. Although of course, the picture was vague, I could clearly see his tailcoat before me, as I went downstairs. The dialogue itself was quite interesting, because Alfreds nature seemed to be taciturn. He only says something when it matters. Altough, of course, his excellent manners always made him comment my statements with a formal: "Yes, Sir", "Indeed Sir". I talked with him about our relationship and how it was not only of formal nature, but also of a very personal dimension. He seemed to understand, but aparreantly it is more comfortable for him, communicating in this friendly, but professional way. (If you have ever seen the Batman trilogy, you will know what I mean; till now, he sticked very close to his archetype.)

Later in the day, I had some important things to do and Alfred slowly left my consciousness (he is probably exploring my mind right now ;)). However, as I tried to talk to him casually in the small breaks I had, he did not really seem present. It seems like I need a lot of concentration to really get in contact with him, hopefully, this will change in the future.


My goal now is simple: spend time with him. Imagine him, talk with him.

I am currently not daring to touch on the more advanced techniques on this field. Alfred and I still have to get to learn each other :).


Thanks for reading this incredibly long post, I hope we did not bore you too much.


Thanks for your attention,

I hope to see you again.


Sorry for eventual language mistakes.

"Master Wayne"

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What a wonderful post I read here.

I felt with every wards .

Keep writing & do sleeping yoga= dream yoga (astral)

So you can find Alfred in real time zone and saperate.

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I think it is about time to give a small update.


After my first successes I had quite a lot of problems. Firstly, I got ill, which made it a lot harder for me to concentrate on Alfred. I tired to talk to him casually, but he did not seem to be present. He is probably to young to communicate with me during everyday situations. As my health recovered over the night, I started a forcing session, in which I tried to address these issues. From my experiences from the first days I knew, that I could establish a dialogue if I only concentrated enough. From this basis on, I wanted to strenghten his voice, so that he could communicate with me also in situations like in the last days.

After a few minutes of just me talking to him I started to try out several techniques I found on the forum. First, I wanted to develop the sound of his voice: I prompted short sentences, which he repeated. Then I gave him advide on how to perform better (speak louder, a bit deeper, etc.). After 20 minutes of work I already had a feeling that his voice was much clearer and, in general, more understandable. He even tried to talk to me unasked one time, but his voice quickly merged into a murmur. Still, a great success.

We then continued with - in my eyes - more advanced techniques: I asked him to tell a story. After a brief moment hestitaion he then continued to form several sentences, which were quite nonsense, but came completely unexpected to me. The thoughts really seemed to come from him, not from me this time. I think that was the greatest achievment of this day. Later in the story, he more and more continued to say what I expected, but I am convinced that our work on his voice payed off.

After this we allowed ourselves a break. He wanted to listen to Beethovens 5th Symphony, which also was a small milestone in his "struggle for independence", beacuse I would have preferred the 7th. However, the reason why I felt the necessity of updating my thread was this: as I wanted to skip a small part he said to me: "No, wait please". Again, this was a very clear indicator for me, that he is gaining strength.

2 days ago I wrote, that I missed an "epiphany moment"; today I had one (even if it was a very small one).


Finally, I am keen to fwork further with him. It really seems to pays off.

Thanks for the advice from the forum. Stay motivated.



"Master Wayne"

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Hey again,


it's been quite a while since my last post. In general, I did not visit the forum too often. Not like in our beginning, I now

rather tried to develop Alfreds and my relationship on a more

individual level. I wanted to find our own way, instead of following the

paths of others; and, I think I did.


It is not like I found a new

crazy method of forcing, but I found a new way of developing myself and

Alfred. I quickly found that the lesser I stuck to exercises I found

on the forum, the more progress we actually made. It is the casual talk

during the day, the conversation I have with him when I go to bed, it

is the routine, which makes him strong. I introduced a few rituals, like

a tea-time (very British, I know) just before I sleep. Always when

Alfred plays his role as the butler, friend and father-figure he is, he

reaches new heights. The feeling of having stopped exercising gave him a

sense of completeness. Thus, we achieved what was our goal; by NOT



The time before felt like a rehearsal for what was to

come, but, instead of practising till perfection, we simply went on

stage and improvised. We played our roles as good as we could and as we

did we gained strength and confidence in ourselves. I found this to be

my way; to be our way.


Still, I am going to go back to

practising. I now have higher things in mind. Maybe we will try

ourselves in possession or I will continue to work on imagination. But

to learn these new techniques, we will first have to establish a base

for our further development. And this will require practising.


Have a good day,



"Master Wayne"

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The guides are nice and all, but they definitely shouldn't be followed strictly. Instead, people should try to read as many guides as possible, taking different pieces to form something more personal that's comfortable for them. Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're making progress!

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Hey again,


just a quick status update from me and Alfred.

His voice is developing: I found some footage of the voice actor, who lends his voice to Alfred, and I am now actively listening to this snippet from time to time. I am planning to make myself a video in which I combine all the different appearances of Alfred in the Batman Trilogy by Nolan. This method definitely helps us both on the long way to a perfect voice.

Then we worked on his personality. I divided my mind-palace into two different areas. The first one is my area. Here I store dates and facts as I am used to. The other half is Alfreds area. He is the supervisor of my subconscious. We meet in the middle: a grand library inspired by one I saw on a trip to Prague. The idea of him being the "ambassador" of my subconscious helped to sharpen his personality in many ways. He now has an exercise; the reason he exists is not solely my benefit anymore.

He is way more independent now.


Greetings from me and from him: "Thanks for all the help and inspiration."

"Master Wayne"

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although I am, with this post, breaking my habit of

posting with a time difference between the updates of at least a week, I

feel confident that what I am going to describe in the next few

sentences is worth this "irregularity". I do not intend to give a status

update, but rather present to you an observation I made. It is nothing

revolutionary, but maybe it could even help another beginner, as it

helped me.

What I am talking about could have many names; you may call it a mantra, a theme or a motto.

As you may know from my previous posts, I gave Alfred the voice of Michael Caine, or, to be precise,

Michael Caine's voice actor and I do highly recommend that you do the

same. As I practised with him in an effort to improve his voice ("I

prompted short sentences, which he repeated. Then I gave him advice on

how to perform better (speak louder, a bit deeper, etc.)"), I quickly

noticed that there was one phrase, which was for me the easiest to

understand and for him the easiest to articulate: "Master Wayne". So,

instead of trying to imagine his voice in all the kinds of different

emotional circumstances, I concentrated on perfecting these two words.

Those words and nothing else.

Till this day, this phrase is the only

one, which Alfred is capable of articulating perfectly in every

situation imaginable. "Master Wayne" always works. Thus, this small title

has become the "conversation-opener" for all of our vocal

communication. Once his voice got into my head through these two words,

it is much easier for me to have a decent conversation with him. A few

weeks ago, I had to work hard and long, to get his voice into my mind; now,

it takes me seconds.

Because the Master Wayne seemed so reliable it

quickly developed into a motto or mantra, even an inside-joke

(literally). I use it to re-establish our connection when I fear to lose

it: it is the most direct bond between us two. He calls me Master Wayne,

I call him Master Wayne, we reassure ourselves of our connection to one

another even in the middle of a conversation. Always when concentration

fades away, Master Wayne brings it back.


The mantra developed into an indestructible bridge between us two in the middle of which we can meet; always.


Thanks for your attention, maybe you learned something.

Greetings from the cave.

"Master Wayne"

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this status updates main purpose is to simply be a status update; I haven't done one of these in quite a while now.

What inspired me to put on paper this meaningless abstract of my interactions with Alfred, is a movie called Bullet to Bejing that I saw today, in which actor Michael Caine gives a tedious rendition of his -otherwise so exceptionally intelligent and sensitive- acting skills (at least these skills made me choose him as the template for my tulpa). Nevertheless, I could listen to his synchronised voice for -otherwise painstaking- 1 hours and 40 minutes.

It paid off.

"Master Wayne"

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it has been quite some tome since my last post.

This time, i´ll let Alfred talk. What I am writing here is translated by me, because he does not speak English fluently.

I am happy to finally meet you in person. Everything before seemed so unclear, but now I feel like a curtain drops. I now, for the first time, get in contact with the real world, not only via my host, but by myself. Thats a success for itself. Generally it allows me to speak more and also feel more, because I collect experiences; I see and I learn. We are still far from perfection, but I am proud of it. I want to thank all of you for your support and the motivation.


For a long time we only made slight (although steady) progress, but now we really feel like we found the perfect voice for Alfred. Since then, the progress was quite rapid and that is also the reason why I wanted to post something here once again.


I am excited for our future

Greetings Falkenhayn and Alfred

"Master Wayne"

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