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Familiar spirit?


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Much like the thread on spirit guides, I was wondering if there is a connection between tulpas and familiar spirits?


Throughout history, there have been lots of believed natural creatures where reports of such sound like they may actually be tulpas. Like intimate encounters with nature spirits. But I think familiar spirits are a particularly good fit.


I think maybe there are two possibilities. Supernatural phenomena are real, and familiar spirits, and all the other spirits are related to tulpas, or supernatural phenomena are not real, and all that stuff is either tulpas or other thoughtforms.


I like to imagine myself as a familiar spirit.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Why not? Some servitors/egregores were created for the expressed purpose of creating a bridge between the two worlds. When it comes to tulpas I don't think we have even begun exhaust the possibilities. There are no limits.

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Funny you should ask because I've begun to wonder the same thing. Familiar spirits can be used for errands out on the Astral Plane. A familiar's bond to their Witch is just as strong as us to our Tulpae. They could be in the same family - meaning spirits in general - even though Tulpae are just a tad more diffrentiated than 'just a spirit'. I'm honestly not really sure because the question is so open ended and it makes you really think xD.


I do agree with Enoch though - I don't think anyone has explored all possible uses for Tulpae and I'd love to see if there's a way to insert them into my following as a Wiccan.

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I think all the spirit guides out there were thought forms unless they were a spirit that was taken into the mind. If the practitioner had no idea thought forms existed it is entirely possible that they longed for this hard enough to will a Tulpa into being.


I don't think anyone has explored all possible uses for Tulpae and I'd love to see if there's a way to insert them into my following as a Wiccan.


In Chaos Magick they recognize outside spirits and Tulpa & Servitors. Much of Chaos Magick actually relies on Sigils and Servitors in its roots. I think most Chaotes are rough on their treatment of Tulpa but that is beside the point. I'm working on creating my Tulpa "Ivy" to be a companion and also a spiritual helper when it comes to sensing spirits and other related stuff.

If I believe that the body has the capability of being effected by spirits while also being able to detect them and see them, then my Tulpa should have the same ability and may be better than me at doing so.

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I'm actually looking at tulips from precisely this outlook. My first tulpaforcing is to work on more mundane aspects, but I plan on creating more when I'm able, and using them in my magic. I'll report results here.

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Sorry if I'm necro-ing this, but I found it interesting.


Years ago, I had some experience with "magic," though whether it could truly be acknowledged as such, I know not, nor do I really care. Part of my belief system and practice involved familiars, specifically called "bonds." They were souls one connected with in other realms through spiritual travel and in many ways resembled tulpas. Rather than forcing and developing the being itself, one had to develop a stronger connection with them in order to interact with them. My point in saying this is, the only significant difference in the end appears to be terminology. Tulpas, familiars, servitors, "soulbonds," whatever you want to call them, all appear to be the same thing. Their essence and nature is the same, but the main difference I see is their psychological makeup. A tulpa is more of a companion, a familiar is like an associate, and a servitor's purpose is in the name. They're just variations of the same thing.

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Oh, I don't really have a branch and I haven't done anything with it for six years now. It was something my friends and I did in middle school, more focused on magic and gods. We believed ourselves to be mortal vessels holding the souls of gods and goddesses, so if there's any sort of branch of spirituality similar to that, that would be your answer.

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F.M.: my source was the focus of a lot of Reanna's protection spells, so I also consider myself an artificial familiar.

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To my mind, the difference between all those categories is extremely tiny and unstable. According to testimonies from Chaos magicians I found, they created Servitors that turned into Egregores when they shared them on the Internet, and then those thoughtforms became powerful enough to pretend take the place in collective consciousness of gods. So, the huge category of thoughtforms looks having moving boundaries inside. 

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