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Slipper's Art Thread


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Hi @Slipper I originally delete my post because we were still deciding the form.If you want may you please draw this @WifiNotFound can go first since I took to long.


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Soulbond art
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Hi I love your art when your done with them and get your art stuff back if your still open may you draw my tulpa

Sorry for the last minute change

It's just a normal orange Shiba inu




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Liz the host (she/her/female) good at uno lol

Wifi the Dog tulpa (he/him/male) 

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On 8/3/2022 at 3:16 PM, ringgggg said:

Yo, are your commissions still open? This is really good work!

Just need some good drawings of A3 to help with the forcing and all that jazz.


   Can you show/tell me what your tulpa looks like? You can post here or in a dm, whichever you're comfortable with.

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


Art Thread

Progress Report


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On 2022/5/27 at 午前8時58分, Slipper said:

   モルドの落書き… 描きたい気分になるけどポーズとか全然わからない(笑)


Great art. I like the color very much.

I'm also not good at thinking of poses 🤔

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  • Slipper changed the title to Slipper's Art Thread

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