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just created account, used badging in my nickname

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Hello everyone,

Long time lurker i finaly decided to create an account. Unfortunately i've read the rules just after creating it (my bad, sorry), and saw that :


[badging] {is} -not- \allowed\ |in| /the/ `forums`. Use something like Name: "Text" instead.


And, as you can see, i've used Baddging in my nickname... Is there any way to change my nickname to fit the rules ? And is something like noizy&lenaelle ok ?

Thank you very much for your time !

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You can contact Kiah and get it changed.

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badging in the name is messy, just put your name in the name and set your user title as "& Lenaelle" or somethin. Also tups can have their own accounts that you then link to yours with the account linker, like mine is!

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Just let me know which username you would like, and I can change it for you. Unfortunately, "&" is not a character that can be used in usernames.

If you wanted, you could use your custom title—the thing just under your username (currently says Member)—to say "& Lenaelle", or something to that effect, while keeping your username Noizy, if you wanted. I just noticed Lucilyn already said that.

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