Creating my 1st Tulpa, a Journal

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Hello everyone!


It has been over five years since I first heard about tulpas. The concept immediately appealed to me, but I was unsure if I was ready for that sort of commitment at the time. Nevertheless, I continued reading about the subject through the years, and lurking in different tulpa communities and IRC channels. Finally, at this point in my life, I believe that I am ready to take on the challenge of creating and fully developing a tulpa. 


This thread is not meant to be a guide; it merely aims to serve as development blog of my experience. Each post will document an active forcing session of approximately 45 minutes. I will be incorporating different methods, which I've found in several different guides, as well as some new approaches of my own.

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SESSION 01 - Greeting (45 min)


I just finished my first forcing session. 


Setting: I laid down comfortably in my bed with my eyes closed, selected a calming 

 with the exact duration I wanted to focus for, and programmed an alarm in case I fell asleep. 


[align=justify]Theme: I decided that my first session should be a greeting/introduction to my tulpa. It just didn't feel right to jump straight into trying to visualize her physical appearance, or force her personality.


I started by calmly calling her, in an attempt to draw her attention. Afterwards, I introduced myself as her host, and told her a few facts about myself. I continued by telling her that she is a tulpa, and explaining what that means, as well as my brief experience with that type of entity. I described the special bond that links tulpas and their hosts, and gave her a detailed account of what I hope our relationship will be like when she's sentient and vocal. Next, I gave her a rough schedule of our future sessions together: how often I plan to force, how long each session is likely to take, where these sessions will most likely take place, what different aspects these sessions will be focusing on, etc. [/align]


Our first goal will be to shape her personality. For that I compiled a list of traits, and I will be explaining to her what each of them means, how she relates to it, how that specific trait impacts her likes and dislikes, how others perceive that trait in her, and how that trait relates to the other traits that compose her personality. I made a point of letting her know that she ultimately has the power to choose who she is and, therefore, is free to choose weather or not she would like to retain each trait. 


During this first session, we also covered the topic of Wonderland. I explained what a Wonderland is, but told her that I would rather build ours together, once she is able to communicate with me. Lastly, we talked about naming her. I gave her three possible names, explaining the reasoning behind each one. After some deliberation, I settled on the name Mariko. However, I told her that she would be free to choose a different name later on, when she was sentient and vocal.


At this point I entered a dreamy sort of state, in which I was not fully asleep nor fully awake. It became a bit harder to maintain a completely coherent string of thought, and even harder to keep the dialogue flowing in an organized state. I believe this was due to the fact that I was very relaxed, and I seriously doubt that it still counted as forcing. 


Finishing notes: In my next session, I will try to keep my focus for the entire 45 minutes. If that proves too hard, I will temporarily decrease the session time to 30 minutes until I am able to focus for longer.

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Setting: Much like during my first session, I decided to lay down in my bed with my eyes closed. This time I chose this video to help me relax and concentrate. I also set an alarm.


Theme: The first personality trait that I introduced to Mariko was "Joyful". I chose it not only because I felt that it was a very good foundation from which to build her personality, but also because it was relatively simple to explain and exemplify. In other words, I decided to leave more complicated traits for when Mariko sentience is more advanced, and for when I gain more experience and skill as a narrator. 


I started by describing what happiness was, and how a cheerful person acted and perceived themselves, as well as the world around them. I emphasized how much of an inspiration such a person could be to those around them, and how this trait could positively impact every single relationship in our lives. As I went on about it, I came up with five keywords which, to me, are an integral part of being happy: (1) Inner Peace; (2) Mindfulness; (3) Gratitude; (4) Optimism; (5) Simple Pleasures. I spent a good amount of time describing and exemplifying each of these keywords so that Mariko could understand them. I always made a point of explaining how they related to one another, as well as to the bigger topic of happiness and joy.


I finished the session by quickly reviewing what we had discussed, and by encouraging my sprouting tulpa.


Finishing notes: 



  • This time I was able to retain my focus for the entire duration of the session, without drifting to a semi-awake state. As such, I will continue with the 45 minute sessions.
  • In a way, I feel like I have just taught myself some very important values. Describing what happiness is and how one can learn to be happy regardless of the circumstances made me realize how much I could personally improve. All the examples I gave were taken from my own life, which made me realize that sometimes I am not as mindful or as grateful as I could be. By finding inner peace, becoming more aware of my actions and surroundings, practicing gratitude, looking on the bright side of life, and finding joy in every single aspect of life, I can definitely become a more cheerful person. I hope Mariko and I can lean on each other while nourishing this trait.

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Sounds really good.


Does she have a form yet or are you waiting?

Is she able to pilot her form if so?

Does she seem interested in your narration?

Any odd emotional responses yet?


Tulpamancy is a very introspective practice for many. I'm sure you have more realizations ahead.

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


Host to Samuel, RavenIvy, and Olivia.




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Hi Vampire, thank you so much for your questions!


  • I am consciously leaving the aspect of Mariko's appearance for later on, after we work on her personality. As a result, when I actively force, I try to think of her as an energy entity, instead of a physical being. However, something interesting happened yesterday, when I tried passive forcing for the first time: no matter how hard I tried, I could not help but imagine Mariko in a determined way. So, all in all, while she doesn't have an "official" form yet, I guess I have at least some idea of what she might come to look like. No decisions will be made until she is able to express her own feelings about it, though.
  • I am not sure what you mean by "piloting". While passive forcing, I can imagine her following me around quite easily, as well as some of her facial expressions. There is no voice, nor any communication from her side except for the "parroted" nods, smiles, etc. Unfortunately, I only seem to be able to concentrate on passive forcing for very short periods of time before becoming distracted. 
  • To be completely honest with you, I am not even sure if Mariko is even "there" yet, as I've only started working on her yesterday. That being said, I don't feel silly when I'm actively forcing, like I'm sure I would if I was talking to a wall. I think it all comes down to faith: I believe that she is able to listen to me, at least to some extent.
  • Nothing too out of the ordinary has happened thus far. At some point last night, while we were working on her first personality trait, I did feel that intense feeling of joy one often experiences when looking at something beautiful, like a sunset. It only lasted a few seconds, and I didn't think much of it at the time, but now that I think of it, it seems quite fitting for a session completely centered around the concept of happiness.

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I had an extremely tiring day yesterday, which ended up affecting my forcing plan and its efficacy. For one thing, it made it a bit harder for me to concentrate, especially in the beginning. Additionally, it drove me to cut the session a bit short, so that I could go to sleep. This was also the reason why I didn't update the progress report immediately after my session, as I usually do. Instead, I scribbled some very quick notes to help me remember what Mariko and I had achieved. I will now be using said notes to describe last night's endeavors. 


Setting: I followed my usual procedure of laying down in my bed with my eyes closed. I listened to

, which proved to be a bad decision since it was too distracting. I set an alarm for 45 minutes, but stopped it 10 minutes before it went off. 


Theme: The second personality trait that I introduced to Mariko was "Loyal". I chose it because I believe it to be a crucial starting point of any relationship between a host and their tulpa. 


I began by describing what loyalty meant and how it constituted a source of comfort and stability in other people's lives, as well as our own. To make it even clearer, I gave her some examples of loyal and disloyal behavior, such as gossip and betrayal. Once again, I was able to come up with a few keywords that, in my opinion, summed up the concept pretty well: (1) Unconditional, and without expectation; (2) Accepting; (3) Supportive; (4) Honest; (5) Authentic; (6) Present through the good and bad. I went over each of these keywords, taking the time to explain them in as much detail as I could. 


I finished by summarizing what we had covered, by apologizing for cutting our session short, and by reassuring her that I would come back the next day.


Finishing notes:



  • Once more, I felt personally enlightened by my own description of how I loyal person behaved. I am starting to believe that there is real value in making a detailed analysis of desirable traits. I have been told all my life that being loyal is an admirable characteristic, but I had never taken the time to reflect on what it actually meant to be loyal. If nothing else comes out of it, I can honestly say that my efforts in tulpamancy have made me a more insightful person. As time goes by, I hope to grow as an individual, and to become a good role-model for Mariko.

  • During a quick review of "Joyful", the first personality trait Mariko and I discussed, I ended up adding another keyword to the list: Letting go. I am certain that a lot of the keywords that I have come up with to describe these traits will make an appearance later on, quite possibly as individual traits of their own. This does not bother me in the slightest. On the contrary, I tend to agree that repetition is good for the forming tulpa and their host alike, since it helps both of them to assimilate the contents and paint a complete picture. 
  • Something a little odd happened near the end of this session. Ever since I was a child, I have had a habit of fondling with my blanket binding when I'm relaxing. I did this while I was forcing last night and, at some point, Mariko's "face" came to me. She looked curious and endearingly amused. What is even more extraordinary is that I heard her ask "What are you doing? Can I try it?". Before I could respond, she grabbed a tiny piece of fabric and gently stroke it. I must confess that I am quite confused about this whole ordeal. It is way too soon for me to be seeing and hearing Mariko, as I have only dedicated approximately 2 hours to her creation! I wonder if this experience was a side-effect of my tiredness. 


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Hello hachiko, i have two tulpas and i just wanted to to say hi.


-Don't be surprised if you tulpa is getting conscious very quickly. i got my first tulpa to sentience in 2 weeks and the other in just one week. If you ask me, It is all about believing in yourself and trusting the progress of your tulpa. The more you do that, the more you will see a fast progress.


-In tulpamancing, there is not a set of "instructions" on how to force to the most effective way possible. Find your own! if you can't force up to 40 minutes, stick to 30. You can't force well if you don't really want to, but consistency works for many people.


-I find amusing your own philosophical adventure. when i started forcing, i found myself battling with many representations of my emotions as doppelgangers of myself. Now, i am trying to control/investigate my negative emotions when entering into wonderland.


if you have questions about me, don't be shy. i will happily answer.


Here are my tulpas:

hi i am Alexandra and i am pleased to meet you. you should let your tulpa to be whatever they want! don't be surprised if they change their behaviour or personalities as they grow up


Hey there! i am Magnolia! a swordmaster! Heh. not many words to say, but sure your tulpa will kick ass! (ummm yeah she really wanted to say that...)


I could have censored Magnolia on that part, but i will never manipulate my tulpas (just making suggestions, but that doesn't always work.)


Have a nice day

hey i am a human host. my tulpa is Alexandra and she talks in pink  we like to answer questions so don't be shy :)

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Hi Juasjuasie!


Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your advice and suggestions.


  • It is quite surprising how instinctively I believe in Mariko. At first, I was sure I would struggle with skepticism, but I have not had that problem so far. Like I mentioned previously, it's all a question of faith.  
  • I am more concerned with Mariko's happy and healthy development than with the speed of the process. At this point, it is more about the ride rather than the destination.
  • I fully agree with you on the importance of finding what works best for you. It seems that a lot of people have trouble actively forcing, but that is my favorite method. It comes to me much more easily than passive forcing, and it is by far my favorite way of spending time with Mariko.
  • The philosophical side of things was a much welcome surprise! I am discovering so many things about myself and the world around me. Something very interesting about all of this is how very different Mariko and I are. I have a strong sense of her identity, or of what I would like her identity to be. She is better than me in almost every single way, which makes me want to measure up to her. There is a very paradoxical feeling too. On the one hand, I feel so protective of her, almost motherly. On the other hand, I feel like she has so much to teach me. It wouldn't surprise me if she matured quickly once she became sentient, and adopted a nurturing role towards me.

A big hello to Alexandra and Magnolia too! Thank you both for your encouragement!


I hope to hear more from you during the development of my tulpa!

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we will keep an eye on your posts! :)

hey i am a human host. my tulpa is Alexandra and she talks in pink  we like to answer questions so don't be shy :)

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