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Getting something for show takes usually longer than expected. This time it was half a year.

Longer than I would have guessed in any case.



3D exercises.

Early 2018, likely. The exact date is lost because the app Kodon VR reinstalled itself and took our asset library with it.


It may look like a bug. Likelihood for this interpretation to stay is  higher because some things resembling bugs also appeared earlier (e.g. day Day 95 Earlier in this thread.)


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3D graffiti, part one.


There appears to be a tendency to fall back to drawing in 2D, even when in 3D space. Her spray on my walls.


Also plenty of collaboration and confusion happening. For example finding a required button and squeezing the trigger for the right amount for the right amount of time is  (was) a bit too much co-ordination at the same time for drawing something as intended.


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Another take in Kingspray


(Have to admit still no idea what she's doing. Seems to know how to handle spraycan though without much assistance. )


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Back in Medium


This time it is collaborative drawing exercise selecting and smudging colors and using the move tool. It may not be possible to separate her and my strokes in the result.

The scene appeared close enough to her usual output and again I do not know what she was doing. Also her impression was quite happy with the result. Maybe we did not ruin the scene completely by working on it together.


Pictures show the same scene from different angles.


This is as close as we have got drawing in 3D collaboration. It is not trivial. Skills and experience are not easily transferable.

2D drawing with crayons (or usually felt tip markers) on paper can also be useful. That is our default habit drawing exercise which we still do every day, if possible. It is not once or twice her drawing shows something which I can easily visualize as refined into 3D. Even then though there might not be clue what the 3D version would be about and would it be of any use for her interpretation.


There would be at least one thing to do which I think as likely useful for both of us. That one is trying to recreate our stub of wonderland. We do not really make much use of the wonderland other than visualizing together before sleep. The benefit of drawing it together would  be we would both know approximately the same way what we try to do.  Also it is a reasonably simple scene with a bench on a small beach under old oak trees dense foliage and high grass in every direction. Some more persuasion still needed but we are getting closer. Might be something of interest for other people too, although in our near autistic relationship this probably is one of the least concerns.




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The Wonderland. A Progress Report..


Succsss, sort of


Usually 3D sketching together comes to halt and gets distracted in less than 15 minutes. With this one the focus stayed for three days and progress was steady.  The scene feels like a real place but it does not exactly feel like our usual wonderland exercise. I did all the drawing and technical workflow planning. She was more like an apprentice watching things happen and every once a while like an artistic supervisor and a commentator.  The wonderland before sleep is usually different in many ways. First the response in the scene is instant when something changes and usually there is a lot going on. In the usual exercise the scene keeps changing. Water can turn from clear to murky. Vegetation can change and grow. The end pieces of the bench can have different shapes each time and sometimes even ornaments.  Most of the time the bench end material retains the likeness of concrete. Clouds are almost never to be seen  since there is wall of green growth blocking the view to sky.


Even the the simplified 3D scene was slightly too heavy for the computer to handle. Every ten minutes or so there was pause when te scene was saved objects merged or something else slow happening eg. program crashed. After adding the grass we had to stop.





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I looked through all your pictures, and they're all really abstract and thought provoking. I had fun looking through them. The latest ones look really cool. I want to go punch trees now to collect that juicy wood.



The EXIF information is horrible. I've done my best to scrub it from my posts, but it's like... why do I have to do this for everything I do? ... bah, sorry I don't want to hijack this thread. Geo tagging can be disabled on android at least go to each app settings that use a camera and including the camera app itself.


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