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I (or is it we) have been contemplating for a long while is there something to contribute to the community. Preferably it would be helpful to someone else like community has been for us.


As host it is difficult for me to write texts for online. Some of the burden are privacy considerations. One needs to always think of all the worst case scenarios like what if privacy breaks down because piling up of sensitive information. Over-critical attitude about what is worth to publish does not help either.


One thing which might be a way around obstacles is just showing pictures. Only drawn pictures.

We, me and my tulpa have been drawing together more than half a year by now almost every day and it is really delightful to see the progress.


I don't know if D8A.P means something. There was a question under which name we would publish and this is the scribble she produced by then. There are other glyphs also but they are either too short or can not be transcribed in Latin alphabet in a meaningful way.


What we do essentially is I lie down, relax and let go control of my left hand. The division of labor here is I try to keep the environment stable and minimize movements from breathing and muscle twitches and so on and she can concentrate only into drawing. For example I take control of the hand intermittently to lift the pen off and on paper when the drawing move stops.


(Note to someone else who might also want to publish pictures. You probably already know. Just to make sure: the pictures should not contain EXIF data e.g. geolocation.  If they contain it is to be removed first. Else even photos of drawn pictures can be a real security risk. Also, she might not always fully understand the implications of what she draws going public.)

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Okay, we can move there but really the first 100 or so of the scribble are hardly art. This is about progress, let it be art then. The plan is to publish one drawing per day starting from day one, which seems to be 2016-11-09.

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Day one drawing together


(Since this went art the thread continues colors inverted like the avatar, looks a bit more like art)


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Day 94

 (Nothing was produced between day 29 and 94 as if there was a block of some kind or as if we were doing something wrong.)


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