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Some thing resembling a dog





The first one could be showing a  head from one side. The dog or a fox-like figure of the latter one is something seen good many times to become familiar.


The resulting drawings appear often to be of communicative nature but what they communicate is a bit like reading dream imagery. Some features may be meaningful as communication but much appears to be just noise. Sometimes meaningful appears out of noise. Processes  may exist there in and between but they may also remain unknown to us.


One thing which I as host appreciate quite a lot in the way the drawings appear is avoiding doubts about parroting. Especially when the drawing does not make sense to start with there is not much reason to worry about interfering and interpreting it wrong to start with. Later it is easier to return and look at the end result.

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2017-05-28 Curious about something ahead? Or is it behind?




Another drawing, same date




Maybe they are in context but not really. Growth?



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(2017-04-09) Drawing after trying out Touch controllers for drawing in virtual reality  for the first time


(2017-12-01) The return, trying out sculpting in VR again


Most of the time there are doubts what the drawings and the evolving scribble are about. One exception, for me, was identifying close  connections with shared experiences earlier. It was this picture after trying out virtual sculpting. Two hands, one controller in each. Controller rays, selected virtual  object and some other objects. Without knowing the context and this explanation the drawing probably makes not much sense to anyone just looking at the drawing. Without knowing what happened before it is not possible to extract the information encoded there in the drawing.  On top of this I can conclude like: a Meaningful experience most likely because she chose to draw about it. Then again this is self-referential and erring with this one can be a branching point for yet more misguided interpretations.


It is also something funny after the first try we stick with pen and paper and sometimes touchscreen tablet before revisiting again two days ago. Was it like interesting but not better, then?


Another interesting thing lately was Microsoft's photo viewer application attacking our drawing collection with automatic image content recognition AI . Pictures were given labels like "Portrait" "Vechile" "Outdoors" and so on which most of the time were something else what I was seeing in the drawings. For example day 114 was related to Food and Bread while my/our perception was more like "a face with tongue out, glasses on, colored hair". The mushroonish shape from previous set was identified by software as "portrait" which appears strange at least. Yet it may stilll be a portrait as well even if it is a portrait of a mushroom.


On the other side VR seems to be a different story. Snapshots in the virtual reality were recognized as flower and sculpture which match the perception. Then again the set is too small to make definitive conclusions at this point. Also the middle one picture which looks certainly like a flower to me is not detected as anything at all. It may be image recognition has its flaws or our collection is too otherworldly for the feature identification and classification to work properly. Nevertheless, a second opinion is sometimes useful to have when in doubt. Is it imagination or is there a familiar pattern there? If there are several patterns then which of them come out in automatic classification.

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Those 3D ones are fascinating.


The weird world of AI image recognition is fascinating. It's often a topic of interest how different AI and human intuition are. AI is usually trained on a seed group of images. These images are used to construct an impression of each type of image. It's encoded in internal logic in the AI that no one else will understand or be able to decode.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Seeing dragons


Most likely exercises in 3D space are not over. More to come.


In the meanwhile there are couple things which are both useful as exploits of the human perception system and also something to double check against. Pareidolia apophenia, and the risk of overinterpretation. Searches for these exact terms within all open forums of community.tulpa.info as of writing this returned nothing. A surprising result. It is also possible people use different words to write about these. Maybe many are really unaware if it is happening or even want to forget about possibility of illusory perceptions being - just illusory. Something I for example detect many times a day even though also the opposite conclusion is common, not illusory, there is something there.


Pareidolia -perception recognizing familiar pattern, when none exists


Apophenia - tendency of assigning meaning and identifying connections between events and things when there is no meaning or no connections


Overinterpretation -To attach too much importance to an interpretation


Okay, the case of dragons. A dragon is a nice example because dragons in the fantasy realm are known by many people in different cultures. Dragons come in different sizes and shapes. There may or may not be a common origin.  Some of the drawings appear to be portraying a dragon without doubt (my perception). The interesting thing related about it: These drawings seem not to be out of a common pattern or of a common shape either and really there is no way for me to know without asking if other people would see dragons, too. The chances are the perception of a dragon originates from something else than the features of the picture. At least pareidolia is partially to thank for. Also it may be there is some other information flowing in by other mostly unknown connections not always waking up awareness where the information came from.




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These issues are rarely problems with tulpas. Pareidolia, for example is to be expected in the formation of a tulpa, but becomes irrelevant when the tulpa becomes more active.


Apophenia and overinterpretation may affect some tulpamancers, but only in them drawing illogical conclusions about what their tulpa is.


An image depends on the artist's interpretation. My assumption is that your tulpa is communicating additional meaning to you.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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