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Oh, this one is quite different. And very striking.

Size may make some difference. Also drawing time ca. 2 hours is long compared with the usual few minutes of earlier sessions.  Ink flooding to the other side of the paper shows as glow.

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Day 131




Postprocessing colors makes significant difference


Mostly the adjustments are  contrast and color intensity turned up to show edges and detail. Then again, flooding colors are visible in completely different shades compared with the original. Someone could consider this some kind of cheating but there is no post editing of detail.  Before digital enhancements there is camera and light setup and it  also makes quite some difference. For examplie is the drawing lit only from front side, back side or some special angle.   I know photo editing and camera techniques. She doesn't. So far at the sketching time she can pick a different color and paint over several times but precise management of colors and shades  appears not to be our shared thing.


She would complain soon if the  enhancements were leading to a wrong direction..  (I guess) Or, maybe she does not really care. So far, no complaints about postprocessing besides sometimes wasting time.


Mystery content


Usually when our common drawing thing for the day completes it is left behind. She just says like it is done. There is no explanation whatsoever of the  content from her side even if I ask.

Sometimes I can identify the objects days or weeks later or even immediately. Sometimes they remain mystery. Sometimes I can notice some shape repeating over and over and eventually disappearing but still no explanation. I have to admit mystery is part of the charm of the project but it is also a reason I want to keep good amount of delay before showing content which probably means something but I do not yet have a clue.



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Is she available for an interview? I'd like to ask about her process.


Not likely by now. There was no reaction. It would be interesting to learn more about her version what's going on but that may take time.

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Day 176



It is sometimes hilarious and other times not really to notice how following a plan does not turn out as planned.  Two months ago we were floating on happily as planned then just fell off radar, not as planned, just happened.

Probably the unexpected will happen again.


Although the drawing  dates back  to earlier months   it may describe a similar process. 



(The new account is because login in with the old one is fail. Luckily it is easy to generate a new one with more dots.)



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2017-08-23 About Processes


Pestering her with questions appeared initially to be distracting and counter-productive. Nevertheless, something like a response was produced within a few days.


The questions  were like: Please explain what happens while drawing. Where do the ideas come from? How much you plan or do you plan ahead? Dow you know what you are drawing?


For a couple of  days the the number of drawings per day was like tenfold compared to days earlier or later.

Probably the drawings have some connection with the questions about "what.. how.. when.. why do.. ..pictures ..happen" when questions were first and images came soon after.

What this all means and are these pictures really produced  to answer questions is more obscure.


Again, there are 'process' shapes identifiable

 like there is the usual continuous expanding spiral with new shapes emerging merging or growing outwards as the drawing goes on.


There are disfigured human shapes. Then there are some completely alien shapes with maybe identifiable features. In detail the order of appearance can be unexpected. For example the gymnastic human shape bending over. The body came first and head appeared only in the second line pass over drawing outline.



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