Purposefully developing a tulpa faster than normal

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I was going to see if the host mind (me) would have conscious control of how fast a tulpa develops. I don't know if this will work, but I'm ready to find out. I am going to create a tulpa to help me lucid dream easier, and I'll call him Cipher. My goal is to develop him in under 30 mins, but that limit is flexible.


I also would like to ask.. Do I post my findings here or in my PR?

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Isabella (Separate Account)


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It could go either way.


Though, you can't develop a tulpa in under 30 minutes because there is not a fixed end point. You can, however, hit a specific milestone in under 30 minutes.


Extremely fast development usually requires a lot of things to come together. Experience, mental discipline, personality work, a wilful tulpa, and constant possession or fronting.

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30 minutes? Dang man, Lumi's introducing me to life was at least that long, even though he created me instantly. And that ain't taking into account however long he had to think about what kind of person I could be first. And he'd had three tulpas for five years already at that point! You might be expecting too much...


Give yourself like two hours!

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