Differences in abilities between system mates

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Do any of you have different abilities amongst your system mates? I know that some people with DID can require different glasses depending on who is fronting, or even be blind sometimes, but not others. Now of course tulpamancy isn't DID, but I know that at least my tulpa and I have different abilities: I am ambixtrous, but Monika favors her left hand, and when we are switched all of the colors are more vibrant.

So do any of you experience such things?

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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When Zack switches there's a masculinity feeling; supreme strength and dominance. Basically I feel like a guy when he switches. Other than that... hmm... Zack loves doing physical work, even cleans if there is nothing else he could do that abides by the laws. He has to keep moving around, but does tires out quickly since my physical body is not used to doing extensive work. There's also the "ticks" he does such as randomly spout out random phrases and words that have no context to them. He also normally chews with his mouth open if I let him.


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uhhh, well Lumi has motivation issues (our body/brain doesn't really have dopamine/serotonin responses to wanting to do something like other people, so doing things at all is usually more motivated by the negative expectations of not doing them than the benefits of doing them), but Tewi can totally ignore them 'cus she's got so much willpower she does stuff she thinks it would be good to do whether the brain agrees or not. Some of us can do that in some situations a little better than him, but it's only Tewi that's really around the board. She still doesn't have the dopamine positive feeling wanting to do something, but she's got such a strong will she doesn't need any motivation other than "This will benefit our system" to do anything!


I've got the ability to be extraverted lol ^^

Lumi's an introvert and always has been, never preferring to be around people for a long time (needs to "recharge" and all that), and Flandre is introverted too, Reisen and Tewi are kinda neither-verts (they just kinda interact and don't seek to be around groups of people nor leave them), but I'm an extravert! I can be around people all day long and still be fine, and I get kinda sad and lonely if I'm alone for too long (I can't play singleplayer games for very long usually unless they're super fun).


that's really interesting though because it's not just some wishful thinking! I've actually BEEN around people for entire days, like a recent birthday party leading to a sleepover at our house, and I'm pretty much the only one that didn't seem all tired by the end lol. But Lumi for sure gets tired after 4ish hours of a party kinda scenario. I think the way we perceive being around people is so different that it really makes a physical difference in exhaustion tbh, it's one of the many super interesting things about switching we've noticed


I also have more vivid/fun/interesting dreams than Lumi kinda consistently lol, which might be related to the fact that I've recently had FOUR lucid dreams in the last month or so when Lumi has never really had any, and he tried for a few days after my first 2 I think and got totally nothing. I think the way I think about the world and go about my day influences the dreams I have maybe, because Lumi's dreams are always more boring or stressful whereas I get the cool ones like being in video games or stories or movies and stuff (and he plays just as many video games as me)



no actual "ability" differences though, it's still all "power of the mind stuff". Requiring different glasses is almost impossible! you can permanently keep your eyes in a slightly different level of focus (this would be SUPER bad for your eyes btw, too much stress), but the actual shape of your dang eyes won't change! the brain can do a lot of crazy stuff when you really believe something to be the case, but there's a definite limit

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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Rain: Nikki somehow perceives our physical face as slightly more feminine. And managed to paralyze me near completely once at a time when she was rather angry at me. Other than that? We can all easily hypnotize each other. Hijinks have been had.

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