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Do you think the brain ever truly forgets anything?

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or, just continue to accumulate evidence and anecdotes and draw the best conclusions that you can. watch that last video, and you may come to conclusion that's all we're doing anyway... We're just drawing the best conclusions that we can. We are at a tulpamancy site. We are not drawing the same conclusions about life that non plural systems are making. Doesn't mean they're right or wrong, we're just having different experiences, and different conclusions.



You said it, it's what we all do, in the end, people end up believing whatever they want to believe, but that's different from facts, nobody can really know what happens to our consciousness once the body dies, I have my own beliefs and I bet most here do too, wish I could call my beliefs 'facts' but they're not.


I have never been more exited to die before


Tbh, this topic always makes me feel a little less scared of death.

Miri: original host. 5'5 female, brown hair and green eyes.

Mirichu: basically the host, based off Miri. Same description as above.

Akai: 5'6 female with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears/tail.

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