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What are warning levels and how do you get more? I want to be careful.


What is the difference between member, global/forum mod and other bars? and how do you change?


Also, how do i change the text under my profile picture in the thread? 


I am registered but what is the difference between registered and not?



An Aspie System

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I can answer #3. You can change your User Title in the User CP section. Then go to Edit Profile and it should let you set a new one.


Edit: Oh, wait, you said under. Never mind.

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1. Warning levels show how close you are to a temp/perma ban. Only two have been given out in the last 3 or so years. Just follow the rules and stuff, you don't have much to worry about. 



Member = normal user

Patron = normal user who donated

Forum mod = someone who moderates the forum

Chat mod = someone who moderates the Discord

Global mod = someone who moderates both

Administrator = like the global mod, but with extra powers and stuff. Higher up on the chain of command.

You can't upgrade from one to another unless the staff decide to promote you. There's not really a process for this, it just happens if someone is active enough, they think you'd be good for the job, and there's need for more mods. You can, however, upgrade from Member to Patron if you donate.


3. I'm not sure what you mean by "under" your profile picture. If you mean user title, it's what Someone said. If you mean the "Posts: #, Threads: #" then you can't change that, it just increases the more you post in on-topic forums.


4. The forum used to allow unregistered users to post. It doesn't anymore. Now everyone has to register to post. It may also mean someone was once registered but had their account deleted, I think.

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You sound like you have had a long day haha (and I. Sorry about the double post)


I double post all the time, Dreamer. I have only been called out once... That was me using my Sith powers.


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