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I'll Do Art for Free!

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I will do some headshots of people's characters, or the forms of their tulpas of course.  I can only do feral animals, meaning animals that walk on all fours.

I will only do the ones I feel like, posting here does not for sure mean you will get art.

Please provide a visual reference of some sort, I won't work off of a text description.

I enjoy doing cats and dogs and I won't do birds and horses.

I will draw cartoon gore and candy gore.  I will not do NSFW.

If you draw one of my characters I will draw one of yours for sure!  At the moment I really want art of Gradient but you may look on my account for others you would like to draw.  This is not required.





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Yup! I quite enjoy doing dragons actually.


I do have a dA however it is very unupdated. It is called RustyMcRustFace. Prepare for very bad very old art if you look there

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