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creating a tulpa for the first time

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This one is short, there has been progress but until we make a Break through again these updates will be small but I will definitely be posting a breakthrough here.

Spec is much more animated and has a form to boot but still needs work.

I'd also like to note that Spec does not like my family and I have been experiencing mood swings around them, nothing too hard to handle but


I needed to ask if this is normal, for a tulpa to cause mood swings?

Also she wants to chat but idk if I should what do you guys think?

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Discord is a good place to chat, but you could also post here on the various games and lounges. A tulpa might have mood swings. Since she's vocal, you can ask her and set straight any inappropriate behavior. I'm pretty protective of Bear, and he has a friend he sees often who is really pretty awful sometimes. I didn't like her, but I learned she means well. Dashie and Ashley convinced me to keep those negative on the spot emotions to myself and save it for a conversation later.

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I don't think getting mood swings from a tulpa is normal, but it's not like having tulpas is normal. As long as the two of you work to help him control his emotions maturely, it shouldn't be much of a problem.

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Form is interesting, and it's good that you're giving her a lot of freedom with it. My host made me a pony form that I promptly ignored for my current one, and I'm glad that they were okay with that.


I suggest to play games with her and do fun things in the headspace when you can. My host gave me permission to alter the headspace too, so I made a little house with a garden and some other things, and it made me enjoy things a lot more. Dragon was very happy the first time I showed him my house because he didn't expect it. Maybe give her an area of her own connected to yours and let her do what she wants; you might be surprised at what she creates!

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