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Signed-in as Hidden bug


There is a bug that happens sometimes when checking who's online, where hidden accounts names are shown at the same time they're shown as anonymous. I've only been signed-in as hidden recently so it's been easy to keep track of when it happens


Screenshot taken from Mirichu's account. My account showing up even though I was hidden:




It seems to happen at pretty much random. Could be a pattern we're missing though but we'll update if we find something else related to it

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[Fish] None of our accounts are hidden, but we have had multiple account listings show up when they were not supposed to. When Ranger is signed in and we switch to our account, it will show his name along with out name. The last account I looked at was Cat's account, but I don't see it showing up right now. Maybe the glitch is related to whoever actually signed in to begin with?

We're on light theme right now, and I remember this happening on dark theme.

Edit: I was exactly right! I'm logged in and this is what I got after refreshing the page:
At first it will show Ranger/Cat like it should, but when I refresh it shows my account.

I don't know if this is exposing Matsuri or not though.

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