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Okay yeah yeah I'm doing bad with remembering to log aren't I? Can't stop me though.


Not much progress, although two things that have been happening persistently: Rosalie reminding me to do things (like reminding me to log!) and making general comments (generally fashion as my general idea of her was pretty stereotypically feminine). Neither of these happens quite often, but it's been quite a few times this week.


I've been trying to lucid dream to maybe see Rosalie in my dreams, so I've been trying to do reality checks. Can't set an alarm for them, so I'm having trouble remembering to do those checks, but again, Rosalie has been reminding me.


Oh yeah, speaking of dreams- that was brought on by the fact that I did see Rosalie in one of my dreams! She was putting makeup on me. That was kinda it but it felt nice to bond I guess


That's all for this week!!

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I'm still around, theres just nothing to write about. I wont write unless something new happens or theres some some particular event worth noting

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