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How do I turn on thread notifications?



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There are a couple ways you can do this.

One way is you can click on the "Follow" button in the top right corner of the screen above the blue "Answer this question" button. (On light theme, the button is green and for other threads on the forum, it will be above the "Reply to this topic" button".)


Once you click on that button, you will get a pop-up menu that looks like this:



From there, you can change the settings and then hit the new "Follow" button.

The second thing you can look into is your notification settings. To go here, navigate to the top right corner of your screen and go left of your pfp until you see the bell.

When you click on the bell, it will show you a pop-up menu:


Click "Notification settings" in the top right corner of the menu and you will be taken to this page:


From there, you can check the option "Automatically follow new content I post" and you will get notifications every time someone replies to your thread.

If you scroll down, you get a lot of options for how you can get notified, what you can get notifications from, and other things. If you want to get e-mail notifications instead or if you prefer forum pings, this can be adjusted on this page.

Don't forget to save whatever changes you made.

For mobile, the process is almost identical. The main difference is if you want to follow a specific thread, you have to scroll down and look under the "Answer this question" button.

I'm sorry, I don't have a picture for this. However, the same menu pops up once you click on the follow button.

If you want to get to your notification settings, click on the hamburger in the top right corner (It looks like 3 horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) and a side menu will reveal the bell. From there, everything else is the same.


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