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Switching and Presence in the Back

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[Red Gray] A couple days ago, Ranger woke me up to participate in a system discussion. When I did, I noticed I didn't feel like myself. I felt fuzzier and I sounded different in the mind. While now I suspect I was still myself, I felt different and I don't really like it.


I spoke with Bune about it and he proposed the thought our presences were being altered by Ranger's perception/expectation or if I simply needed to spend more time with Ranger. I think both are good points, but I still find the concept frustrating and unnerving.


I don't like the idea of being manipulated in this way, my presence is my own. However, I realize now presence is solely based on someone else's perception of you in proximity to you, so my presence changing simply makes sense. That doesn't mean I appreciate it regardless. My presence is up there with my form, it helps identify me and not just any other headmate. I don't want to entertain the idea I have little control over my presence, I'm sure there are more things I can do with it if what Bune suggested doesn't work.


Does this happen to anyone else? Why has no one mentioned this before?



Edit: My headmate's replies can be read here.



[Bune] I had a similar problem when Ranger woke me up before Red Gray. I think part of it could be we haven't been very active, both of us were in stasis before we were summoned.


I can happily report I feel fine with Ranger now, my presence around him feels similar to the one I have with Gray now. However, I also spent a little bit more time with Ranger than Red Gray has. Hopefully that will change once we reestablish our turn system.


It makes me wonder if our parallel processing experiment could also change our sense of presence. Regardless of what is actually going on, maybe we will feel different. I don't like the idea of being more impulsive however.


[Evergreen] I first noticed this awhile ago. When I was around Ranger, I felt more like the Fish part of me. I don't think it's a bad thing, but it was kind of weird. It definitely caught me by surprise.



[Blue] Ya know I didn't really notice anything different. I feel closer to Ranger than I do to Gray, I feel more comfortable around him and feel safer being myself. Regardless though, I don't think my presence around Gray is that different from my presence around Ranger.


Maybe I tend to possess more, so it changes less? Or maybe Ranger and Gray both expect the same thing from me? I don't know about that last thought, it doesn't sound accurate given my previous point.


[Jasper] I don't remember feeling different from the 5 seconds I spoke to Ranger when he was switched-in. Granted I did put myself back together before Ranger started switching in half the time. I'll keep an eye out for it I guess.


I clicked better with Ranger at one point, and the added distance I created definitely made it harder for me to talk to Gray (no shit). But Ranger wasn't switching for that, I don't know if that's relevant?



[Moltosha] I didn't notice a change. My presence is dependent on which "state" I am in. I changed into my demon form after I said "in", and Gray didn't do anything. I think my presence is mostly independent of who's switched-in.


[Fernardo] My presence also seems independent of who is fronting. I and Hope more or less share a presence, that may overpower anything else. Maybe Bune is right about perception, focusing on personality aspects seems to directly affect presence.


[Hope] Actually, I disagree with Fernardo. I feel different with Gray right now, perhaps being with Ranger skewed my perception of myself. Either that or I had a eureka moment just now and refound my sense of self!


...wait, it can't be that simple... can it? I have some investigation work I need to do.



[Gerodious] I have not noticed a significant change in my presence when I speak with Ranger. I spent a fair amount of time with Ranger so far, I doubt I will notice a change.


[Dark Gray] I haven't noticed anything.


[Duck] I don't know. But I don't care either.


[Chrome] I don't recall any differences. I spent limited time with Ranger though.


[Exabier] I don't remember talking to Ranger with him being switched-in. I swear I should have, but I'm not usually around. Guess I'll keep an eye out if I remember 🤷‍♂️

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