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Using ArtBreeder to make Tulpa Art!


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Hey guys, someone showed me ArtBreeder today, and it’s pretty cool!  You can upload photos or images or start something from scratch and using AI morph them into something completely different based on a bunch of set attributes. You can change facial expressions, hair and age, and a bunch of other stuff! I’m still trying to figure out how to make it work, but I was able to create this photo-realistic portrait of Lucy I am super happy with.  




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Ooooh this is cool. Phil and I have been playing around to try to make a photorealistic depiction of me. We've got some pictures that I feel are 80% of the way there to looking like me. If we can't get any closer we'll post those; we just want to refine them down a bit more first!

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Made her face look a little heavy and wrong eye color but not awful. Need to figure out more how creation stuff works.





Attempt 2: There we go. Just turned chaos down in the editor. Had no idea what that slider was. This tool seems reminiscent of Oblivion character creator. 😄




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Wowowow these are AWESOME you guys!!  Y'all are both so damn beautiful, I want a tulpa group hug right now!!  We should've mentioned the chaos setting haha, it definitely tends to make the picture a bit more, well chaotic when it's turned up lol.  I've never really been able to look at a picture before and be like "damn that's me!" until we found this neat little tool.  But I really like this!  We're going to keep messing around with it, and I hope you do too!  It definitely helps me feel a bit more "solid" in the real meat world, although a few times I caught Matt dreamily staring at my picture only to be like "yo I'm over here dude!".  Also I feel that it helps a ton when we're working on imposition.  

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This is so cool to me. My host really can’t draw to save his life, so I haven’t had much artwork or depictions of myself. We spent about an hour or two on this, I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my appearance, and even though it’s not perfect. I’m still really happy with it and glad that it exists.62400DB5-FA1F-4D09-94EB-29BF0F57A40F.jpeg.a5eac48883a4304c8495913243029708.jpeg

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