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Using ArtBreeder to make Tulpa Art!


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2 hours ago, TurboSimmie said:

Wow! What a striking look! 😁 Is this very close to how you visualize yourself? You look great! 😁


Thank you so much! I honestly felt a jolt of happiness when I realized I could actually show what I look like to myself to other people. This portrait does come awfully close, but it does not capture how timid I really am. I don't think I could look anyone dead in the eye like that.

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ArtBreeder surely has enormous potential to create tupper images, haven't quite got the hang of it though. Like most free GAN software and character creators it's tuned to adults and doesn't work too well with children.


Wasn't able to get anything out of templates but modifying a somewhat related exsting image with the right model did the job. Well sort of, not great not terrible




Super Girls don't cry

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Might see if it can do animals and dragons soon

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If you see this color that means Jan is speaking : ) or sign off like this - Jan he/him

I dont have a "name" i go by online just call me speaker. she/her host

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