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Avatars from URL



Since the switch to invision it's impossible to define avatars by an url, only from uploaded images. I understand this is because of the fancy canvas stuff but still wondering if there truly is no workaround. Why not both options to choose from?


Why this matters?

It does not for the average users but jean-luc and me had countless avatars served from an url which would change the image it linked to with every reload. Kind of sad that's not possible anymore.

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Maybe sometimes it's more convenient to have images hosted? 🤷‍♂️ I remember when they HAD to be for some forums; they didn't want users uploading directly. Technical bandwidth issues or something. I don't recall.


Is there an issue of policing urls like that with image banks? Keeping tabs if inappropriate/against ToS images come up? I'm just guessing as to reasons but maybe it's a bang for buck functionality business decision. Couldn't say.

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1 hour ago, Bear said:

Do you also own VHS tapes and complain that no one sells the latest movies in that format?


Jean-luc used a trick where his domain would serve a different image to the same URL every time it was accessed, which he hosted avatars for people that would change every time you refreshed with (so you could have like, 7 different pictures of bears show up at random as your avatar, for example)


also idk, Invision either does or does not have that as a feature

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