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Sunday Recaps by Ringgggg (outdated)


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Hey, everyone. It’s been a good while since my last post here, and I have some stuff to build on in preparation for future events.


For one, I’m going to start posting progress reports here. There has been a lot going on with us, and I’m not gonna miss out on an opportunity to document this stuff.

Every Sunday, expect me to fill you all in on everything that happened within a week’s worth of progress for anyone that’s interested. I’m relatively new in the forum, so don’t hesitate to point things out and comment on stuff.


Join us as we venture deeper into Tulpamancy than ever before.

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Entry 1

Well, this is embarrassing. The first Weekly Recap and I’m already slacking off.
Excuse my laziness, everyone. 


Regardless, the progress that we made last week is nothing to scoff at. Here’s all the highlights.


  • Active Forcing, and a bit of Hypnagogia Too

“You haven’t done Active Forcing?! What kind of a Tulpamancer are you?!”


Spare me the angry comments. I know how important it is to have a balance of both Active and Passive Forcing, I just haven’t been able to make it a thing with my schedule (which I’ll get into later in the Recap).


Of course, I have done a few Active Forcing sessions before in the past year of this wacky journey. They’ve just never been as intense as this one before. The main draw from this one comes from the interaction of one mental phenomena with the other.


I laid in my bed and did some breathing patterns to settle into the whole process. Keep in mind it was a particularly long day and I was pretty tired. Next thing I knew, there were these blobs of color and light floating around like wax bubbles in a lava lamp.


A good five minutes later, it started raining outside. At least I thought it was raining. When I opened my window to check after the forcing session, the streets were completely dry. This was new. I was more on the skeptic side of aural hallucinations before that.


I eventually got to a point where, without any serious visualization experience, I could see A3 with no problem in my mind’s eye. I could animate the form without a problem, too. That was weird. 


To conclude the session, I read up on some visualization guides to see if anyone else was able to clarify what had just happened. Apparently, this is explored territory.

I’ll link the guide here.


I’m looking forward to doing this again sometime, that was truly some trip we had.


  • A3 is a Dreamer, a Lucid One to be Precise

You know, if you focus on the hypnagogic state for long enough you’ll plop right into your very own lucid dream.


After that crazy experience with the half-sleep state, A3 was really excited to venture deeper into the mind’s capabilities. It was inevitable that lucid dreaming would come up. I soon realized how crazy it would be to fully imagine my tulpa within the dream state.


On the one hand, the reliance on a physical object to project A3’s presence onto would be gone. I could simply drop into the dream world with the form and presence at the ready.


On the other hand, we could expand our wacky journey by going on equally-wacky adventures. That’s the part that A3 is most excited about: the ability to go anywhere without being mentally shackled by a musty old toy I made in elementary.


It’s essentially a win-win situation we’re working towards.


We just have to figure out how exactly to get there. All the hypnagogia in the world isn’t any good unless there’s a specific technique it can be channeled into to be more effective.

  • A3’s Bad Habits

This can be filed into some kind of personality deviation or something, but A3 is getting a tad bit bossy and rude.


I spoke in a previous post about how she had a kind of split personality respective to the different objects she was tied to, with the newer one having a colder personality and the older one having a nicer one.


As of right now, I’ve ditched the newer object.


The personality deviation added onto her original quality of understanding and compliance instead of replacing them entirely. Kind of how us people get bad habits directed toward a person even though we’re still the same on the inside.


I have a hunch everyone knows me as the procrastinating type (because of the late entry). A3 knows it too. Maybe it’s her way of whipping me into shape. That, or she’s becoming a servitor.


I suppose there’s a silver lining to all this in that she’s evolving as a tulpa. We just have to talk about this more and hopefully an outcome will make itself present.


  • Forcing Integration with Routine Schedules

I have a pretty strict schedule every week. There’s classes I have to attend, an instrument I have to play, and much work to be done. And exercise. Let's not forget about that.


Does this mean less time for forcing? Yes and no. I just had to think harder to come up with something.


That’s where all these Recaps come in. They’re now a part (don’t count this one) of my routine schedule.


“But ringgggg,” I hear you say, “Aren’t you, like, super lazy?”
Yes. I just don’t have a choice to do whatever. I’m not aspiring to live in a basement, God damn it.


If you can't change it, change your attitude, as they say. It’s all just a way to get me used to this.
Stay productive, y’all.


  • Conclusion and Additional Stuffs

Thanks to @Slipper for the amazing artwork of A3!


If y’all have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to list ‘em all.
Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I’ll see y’all next Sunday. Peace.


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On 8/22/2022 at 2:38 PM, Slipper said:

   I really like your writing style; looks nice AND sounds nice! I'm glad that things seem to be going well for you two.

Thank you very much!

I'm no Shakespeare, but I'll do my best to organize everything so that my Recaps aren't that cumbersome to read ;).

D-prime is shrinking as we speak.

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Entry 2


We start off with a bang.
And, yet, it still takes time for the flames of progress to spread.

Hey, everyone. I’m glad to be back on schedule for this week’s Sunday Recap. I hope you’re all having a good afternoon. Let’s get to the highlights, shall we?


  • A3’s Working Things Out


In our last recap, I spoke of A3 and her difficulties of properly getting through to me about stuff. Bossiness is a little problem that we struggle with time and time again, until we finally come to terms with ourselves that this isn’t the right thing to do.

Unless you’re a narcissist, in which case I can’t help you with much.


A3 never acted so differently before. It made me concerned to reach out to her about whatever was up. Up until that point, we were just going about the life we had, as a nice little duo. The whole thing felt unnatural, with the bossing around and all that. 


Even so, I could tell that these were good intentions. A3 was just doing the right thing the wrong way.


I was in my room yesterday evening during a sun-shower. It just felt right to talk. The orange light of the sunset just kind of meshed with the storm clouds overhead, with the ambiance of the amber-tipped rainfall just blending it all together. 


A3 and I were talking about how special this was, just to be witnessing this crazy event happening right outside our window. It was like two different emotions in the same place simultaneously. Kind of poetic, y’know? There was a lot less tension in the room. Like we just put our desires away to savor the special little thing we had going on.


My point I’m trying to get across is that there was no bossing around here. Just doing stuff.

I theorize that it’s just A3 being this way because she’s just working out personality deviation. I can’t say for sure but A3 definitely supported that hunch when we looked at the situation.


Bottom line, less unhealthy personality deviation for A3 now that we’ve grasped an idea of what that looks like. Knowledge is power, as they say.


  • The Problem With Going Places


Look, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sure nobody wants to spend a good five years of their life stuck in the same place. It’s a little unsettling how calm A3 is about that.


I can hear many of you guys going, “It’s just a form! Why don’t you try Presence Imposition?!”
That’s a very good point. There are just a limited amount of things you can do with that.


Where’s the fun in bringing a tulpa into the real world when you can just go do whatever in your little wonderland?


I want to have a different approach to this wonderland thing. There’s more you can do than to just force your brain to believe that you’re exploring a world in your mind.


We do it all the time every night, even if most of us aren’t conscious about it.

Dreams and wonderlands. What happens when one combines the two? I’m convinced that it would be much more efficient for us to do stuff in a controlled dream state than anything else. It’s mainly a to-each-their-own thing, though.


Our goal is to go to sleep and be in our own little world in which we can do things without having to worry about how they may affect the real world. Ever hit the sack and hope that you wake up in a fantasy world, or anything like that? That’s essentially our goal here.


Maybe I’m going about this wrong and making a wonderland in the real world is a lot easier. Or maybe it isn’t. I just wanna do whatever is gonna fit.


  • Can’t Decide on a Form for A3


“Well, couldn’t you just let her pick her own form?”
Hopefully then I’ll have some fresh ideas. I’m all out.


I’ve created many different variations of what she could look like, but it’s essentially been the same old concept of a bipedal, anthropomorphic fox girl that used to star as a side character in my cartoons. Y’know, before I knew what a furry was.


Jokes aside, that last idea just popped into my head as I was typing this report up, and, honestly, it’s not a bad one. Why should I be the judge of what she’s supposed to look like, for crying out loud? Jeez. I forgot how overpowering being a tulpamancer can be sometimes.


We’ve done this before. A little Forcing exercise we did back in the day introduced us to idea of doing this.

We tag-team it. A3 tells me whatever’s on her mind, and I put it on paper. When it’s finished, we try to connect the dots together to see what kind of message was laid out for us.


I’ll report back next week with a fresh new array of different concepts. Look forward to it!


“Isn’t she supposed to be based off the object she’s-”

There’s nothing wrong with using a little imagination every now and then.


  • Conclusion and Additional Stuffs


So, uh, that was last week. Not the most productive, but not the most unproductive either. It’s progress nonetheless.


If y’all have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to list ‘em all.
Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I’ll see y’all next Sunday. Peace.



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  • 3 months later...


Entry 3

Wow, time for a long-overdue update on our progress. One would think that spending a two-week break off this forum would do me some good. 


Honestly, I don’t think I could trust myself to do much without putting myself to work within allotted time slots.


…We’re not dead, if you’re still wondering.

  • What’s the progress on Dream Journaling?

I’m glad you asked.


If having four dreams in one night isn’t progress, I don’t know what is.


It comes with having a routine like the one I created a good few weeks ago. There was a time when dreams were few and far between. I couldn’t get many entries in. I popped my problem into Google and modified my routines accordingly to whatever the Internet spat out.


The Internet’s frighteningly helpful power convinced me to incorporate the Wake Back To Bed (WB2B) Technique into my sleep schedule. It’s funny because I can now measure its effectiveness with that crazy run-in with those four dreams I had two days back.


You see, I woke up around five like I normally set out to do. I was fortunate enough to remember the first two of my dreams in that period. I wrote ‘em down (something about talking with a British guy who partied with Jesus..?) and drifted back into sleep. The next two dreams I had within those few hours, when comparing them to the first two dreams I had, were so much more vivid and memorable. On top of that, I had never had a dream with A3 involved beforehand.


Much progress was made, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied knowing that it was possible. 

  • Has A3’s form come along, or are you just delaying visualization?

Visualization is scary, man.

  • Conclusion and Additional Stuffs

Not a lot to go over in this Recap. Hopefully the next one records more progress.


If y’all have any questions, comments, or concerns, be sure to list ‘em all.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I’ll see y’all next Sunday. Peace.

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  • ringgggg changed the title to Sunday Recaps by Ringgggg (outdated)

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