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How to prevent a servitor from becoming a tulpa?


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Recently, I created a servitor whose work makes me feel good after I finish my work. But I feel and guess that if this continues, if the servitor keeps performing actions that are not under my complete control then I guess one day my servitor will become a tulpa. I don't want that to happen, [but I also have a thought that wants it to happen ("that thought" is part of me but I don't allow it to get out of control)]. I don't want that to happen because I don't want my servitor to be related to the tulpa nor do I want to create any tulpa.


Do you have any suggestions for me?

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What's the point of a "servitor" if it can't do actions not under your control? How does a servitor even exist as a concept if that's a requirement


We don't personally put any real stock in servitors, but anyways, something only becomes tulpa-like if you think of it as tulpa-like, so if you think of it as emotionless and non-sentient it will stay that way

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A true servitor is just an extension of yourself. As long as you understand that you ultimately have final say in your part's actions, it won't become a tulpa. Asking the question "what if it's a tulpa" tends to lead to tulpa creation.


I think it's possible to have a servitor, but I think it's better to think of it as a neat little thing you can teach yourself to do rather than a separate entity or an entity you can't control.

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Wow Ranger you nailed it! We have a servitor nanny for Junior named Stephie, but we've always seen Stephie as just an extension of me! 😊 A servitor is akin to an extra limb, but that extra limb is detached from you and in fact an entire other body. Stephie exists because there are times where I need to give Phil one-on-one attention but don't want to neglect Junior, so I am still with him in the form of Stephie.

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