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1 hour ago, ringgggg said:

Can we keep the stuff we read short at first? Maybe when the club starts to settle in we'll read our first novel-length

Good idea, but I can't think of any really short ones. Closest I can get is like ~150-200 pages


3 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

i am considering some sort of rule that a person whose story was last chosen cannot submit a candidate for the next story

I'm all good with this! The exceptionally short story rule makes sense too, I feel people would be discouraged from sending short stories otherwise.


I was actually thinking of changing my pick to The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. Liked that book a lot and I feel it fits better with our theming.

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the candidates have all been put in place, and the winner of the lottery this time ended up being my own suggestion, the 1981 soviet alice in wonderland film adaptation


links to all of the candidates will be available in the discord shortly, including the ones which did not win

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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I apologize if these are a little late, I just got back from a bike ride.


1) "I know who I was this morning, but I've changed so often since." Alice's appearance had changed multiple times since she entered the wonderland, and when the Hookahpillar asks Alice who she is, she cannot find an answer. Is the sense of self more dependent on appearance? Why is it that when Alice began to look different she questioned who she was?


2) The iconic "We're all mad" quote from the Cheshire Cat, how objective is that? Are there varying extents to how insane we are, and are they specifically tied to how we react in situations that would prove our insanity level?


3) Do you think this movie reflected any specific ideas from its Soviet origins? Or was it just another iteration of a timeless classic?


You're welcome to ask more questions if you want to.

D-prime is shrinking as we speak.

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Hey guys, sorry to do this to you but probably gonna have to leave the book club. I'm going to be really busy/going on trips for like the next month and even with my normal schedule it's been difficult to keep up (even with our low-intensity media so far). Thinking it'll be best to head out instead of holding everyone up. It was super fun though!

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