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Allison's Amazing Art Requests

Allison the Tulpa

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I am now doing requests


Anything, I will try to do canines, but canines are my weak spot. But I can draw a pony for you bronies out there. So yeah. Request away! Also, please remember to give me a pose

And that's how I ended up in this padded cell


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Two OCs, try drawing them ^^


Also, to be tulpa related:


Muse- http://musedoll.com/goods/images/20090105070020cont3.jpg

Pretty goshdarn similar to this. The skirt reaches above her knees though and is black and kinda sparkly lol. Instead of that white puffy flower thing on her side there's a gold eighth note (well, two of them connected by a bar, you know?) You can kinda see something under her shirt in the pic, but Muse doesn't actually have that. the boots are heeled a bit and the ribbon and bow on her hat is white. Oh, and she is a ball-jointed doll.


I'd give ya Forseen too, but he's way hard to describe and I haven't gotten around to drawing him myself yet ^^;


lol hope that's not too much~ if it is, you can just pick one ^^




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Guest Anonymous

I somewhat knew that this would happen. Being the guy that likes to exhaust every piece of talent... What I'm trying to say is that i would like Mika to be drawn :) There are (as always) pictures of her in my sig. You can draw both her forms if you like, but you dont have to. Also, Thanks for doing these things.

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should have a first sketch in two weeks (I have a buddy over and shes staying for a week. It wouldn't be very money-wise to have a friend visit for a day and spend about a day going there and back total)


Will begin soon as possible

And that's how I ended up in this padded cell


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