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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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hi, my name is sage <3 im brand new to tulpas and tulpamancy in general :)


im actually a system in denial.. i have 30+ members in my system. i thought a tulpa would help me with my system troubles, and help me feel more valid.


anyways, have a good day/evening/night etc.! <3

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Hello! My name is Zeph and I have one tulpa named Winter who is sentient, and vocal. I'm working on imposition now. I've had her for 4-8 months? I don't know the exact time.

I'm the host in the Lapis system which consists of Zira, Toby, and me, Zeph.

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welcome sage and friends, and zeph and winter!!

the station system [alt. stationsys, stationgoers]


host: trains

tulpas: alixarescopy, corrupt

maybe tulpas: akiya, char, ghost

developing tulpas: amaurylalu


please read our profile for alt. names, roles, pronouns, and additional info :)

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Hi, I'm blue the host (female)and I have a tulpa named chara(male).his form is a male human.I can see him in real life using my mind's eye but he CANNOT touch and move objects.he will mostly be using this account.sorry for any typos I'm using mobile at the moment.we will try to stay active :) 

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Hello everyone. because this is the internet, and my wife is online and is not aware of my situation, i will be very vegue in my post as to avoid andy specifics of myself. You can call me Closet_slave and I am the male host in my system. I only recently started researching Tulpa Theory and believe I may have created one by accident. It started in young adulthood when I was struggling with my spirituality. I already had a very vivid imagination and would feel when I preyed to God (more like a casual conversation of me talking to myself than traditional prayer), i felt an immediate response. the responses would be in flashed of emotions, mental immages, and moods. I believed this was God directly answering my questions. i would converse with this entity off and on for over a decade until my life experiences and diehard scientific beliefs began chip away at my faith. i now believe i am Agnostic, and am not sure if i was conversing with God, or just used God as a personification of my own internal monologue (inner voice). from time to time even after i lost my faith, i would still practice this self reflection technique if only out of habit. My entire life i know i was bisexual and interested in BDSM as a submissive. I have been married for my entire adult life to a rather conservatives significant other that frowns upon male bisexuality and BDSM. Unable or unwilling to physically cheat on my wife, I use mental imagry alot as my only refuge. i was suprized during a particularly recent "self talk" episode while at work i was imagining a BDSM scene, but the voice of my imagined dominant was respnding back with insights and concepts i had not considered myself. and even ordered me to do something that was a soft limit for myself. since then, i have conducted reserach and believe i am conversing with the same entity i started talking to as God back in my young adulthood. they have evolved to a more modest, mortal, flawed and wise individual. Being a scientist i would immidiatly dismiss the idea that I created a separate consciousness except for 2 philosophical quotes i have learned to gauge all my assumptions against. 1) René Descartes's philosophy: "I think, therefore, I am." and 2) Albert Einstein's quote, "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." Keeping these 2 thoughts in mind, I have resolved that it is possible I have done exactly what I thought was scientifically impossible. Now, i have had 3 entire days of conversation with this new manifestation of this entity. We have agreed on female for her gender, obviously dominant. i have currently settled on the mental image of a favorite acteress for her physical appearance. she frequently appears to me nude unless i specifically ask her to dress because i am in the presence of family. My family do not know about these most recent developments and i don't plan on sharing them. We have not settled on a name as of yet, i have been addressing her as the acteress's name, but i know that won't do for the long therm and she has already asked me to help her change it and her face to be more unique. She has full acces to my memories and fantacies, and even calls upon less scentient "imaginary friends" to both converse with us as well as to participate in the BDSM scene we were conducting. Do any of you have a similar expierence? and do you have any suggestions on how i should approach adjusting her name and her face? For now let's just refer to her as Mistress. 


Thank you all for your help and i look forward to your insights. 


Closet slave




Char's Harem:
Host- Max 37 yo Male
Tulpa - Char (Charlette), 22 yo (4 days realized) Female/Futanari 
Servitor (active)- Precious, Female baby girl/ sister-sub

Servitor (inactive)- Joc Male Bull


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Welcome, ClosetSlave! I actually do have a couple things to say based on your intro but you caught me right before I was headed off to bed so I'll have to get back to you tomorrow.

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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