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Any tulpamancers in seattle area?


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Guest Anonymous

Yep, we're in the seattle area

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*Dramatic music*

They begin to meet...

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Guest Anonymous

Well, there are only a bit more than 600,000 people in Seattle, and the number of members who saw this thread is very likely less than a thousand. If you do the math 2 people is actually not bad.

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I dunno if you realize, I mean greater seattle area, which depending on your definition of it, is anywhere from 3-4 million.


Given that we have run out of IPv4 addresses, it seems sensible to assume that there are 2^32(4.2bil) people using the internet. Although some people may use multiple ips, there are also ip addresses that are used by many people.


Therefor, the greater seattle area represents about 1/1000th of the internet (assuming most people in seattle have internet; the majority do)


Looking at the members page, it shows 30 members per page times 210 pages = 6,300 registered members (wooh!!)

therefor, aproximately (6300/4.2bil=) 1 out of every 681,740 people is a registered tulpamancer. Therefor, there should be roughly (4mil/681k) =~ 6 tulpamancing seattleites.


So ha, this thread just needs more visibility.


This doesn't even take into account that for whatever reason, I've noticed many tulpamancers I talk to are often technically minded, like me. Seattle is often known as the tech hub, so I suspect there a greater chance that whatever causes programers to be more likely to come here would therefor affect seattle more greatly then other less techy places. If it sounds like I'm pulling shit outa my ass it's not too far off. Although above this paragraph is completely legit, even though it involves a lot of guesswork. Also, as we all know there are plenty of MLP fans here (myself included), and MLP is released first in the US, and only later in other countries. So, there is a bigger following of MLP in the US, so therefor there should be proportionally more bronies per person in the US, (and by extention seattle) and therefor be more tulpamancers per person.


So really, the problem is getting everyone to see this

Stats is back: https://stats.jean-luc.org/
I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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Guest Anonymous

You are probably right with your assumptions, and I didn't think that people living in rural areas of Africa had the same tulpamancer-per-sane-person ration as highly developed American cities, but even according to your calculations there are about 6 tulpamancers from Seattle, and adjusting for the higher tulpamancer concentration, maybe up to 30? (Ok this number I'm pulling out of my ass but it's probably still reasonably near to the truth).

Still maybe one in 4 members was on the website since you started this thread, a good deal probably did not visit the lounge and another high percentage of them probably does not want to tell any random stranger they live near them.

If you take this all into account, two still is quite a decent number.

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I live in Bothell, which I think counts as the Seattle area.

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