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something hostile this way me

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i guess a tulpa i made sometime ago when i was playing maplestory came back to me... and i am not really looking forward to seeing him.. even though he's excited and willing to please. he's my pet i had from um.. maplestory when the kanna class was in.. i personally liked the dragon tamer class but alas and alack the kanna class was what i decided on... guh... i used to like foxes until this one royally pissed me off, keeps on barking at me to play either my second mmorpg and not stop until max level or kill world bosses, i told haku to back off but he said "you cant out level people if your not on the game stupid" thought about back handing him but i'm not going to give into violent tendancies i dont really care if he's far into me getting stronger but lucky and rikku never, heck even red never really ordered me to get insanely strong or push myself too hard at tulpamancing.. can tulpas be this pushy and intrusive?









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Yeah, you're problem might be that you aren't very clear with what you want from them. I could be wrong, but in the case that I'm not I would tell you that you probably need to talk to them and explain the situation until they back off. Past that, if they continue to cause problems, it's really up to you what you do or don't. I guess you just have to figure out the situation between yourselves, and if you can't...well, good luck.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

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