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Unicorn/Alicorn/mage magic systems.

What game(s) magic system(s) should we add in wonderland?  

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  1. 1. What game(s) magic system(s) should we add in wonderland?

    • Final Fantasy Magic
    • Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Magic
    • other magic (post a comment for what games magic you want added to the list and vote here)
    • Persona Magic

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This hit me like a freight train for some reason.


Yes, I think it might be possible for magic to be used in the wonderland without too many limitations. First, this whole idea I have plays off the fact that when you make a wonderland that has characters in it ( be it ponies or just animals) that they will have a mind if their own and do stuff, without actually being a tulpa. The only reason I spoke about that is to implement targets for that magic XD.


Anyways, I think making a FMS would be much like regular forcing. For this example, I will use the Cursed Flame spell from Terraria.




Since of course magic isn't really real, and you can't just type some keys out in a wonderland, the way I envision it is you think about using the magic, doing some hand motion or whatever, and it'll happen (for instance, the kamehameha hand motion)


To achieve this, it may or may not just be a matter of visualizing you doing this over and over.


To use magic with some item or tome, it would be as simple as forcing a little book or something, or a gem, and then doing the same thing, repeating the magic over and over in your minds eye.


For spells that are "voice activated" do the same thing, but just say the words before you visualize the magic in action.


And finally, unicorn/alicorn magic


Having watched a few episodes of Mlp:Fim (and not really liking it) I can conclude that using that kind of magic may be just as easy. If you want to pick up a rock, then visualize your little horn glowing and the shimmery magic stuff around the rock, and visualize it moving with your horn, just like in the show.


I'm not really sure that you even need to go through this visualization/imposition system, but it might work. And maybe all thats to it is to just think about doing it and visualize yourself doing it, but it might not interact with characters or tulpas.


But if you actually do this, please, become Mario and shoot fireballs out of your hand



Games with good magic systems? Path of Exile, Terraria, some Minecraft mods (e.i. Thaumcraft or Bloodmagic).


For things like mana restoration potions or whatever, I think I have an idea. This will also work with the saving stats and damage thing you asked about. Allow me to link you to a thread explaining HUD servitors, by glitchthe3rd.




In this guide, it speaks about using a coding language based on English, that goes something like





If=("E"<"m")=true then print("Mana below 30%")

Else end.


You could use that to make a web of items and magic, but many people seem to think it is overly complicated, when you could just imagine the exact magic stats.


Thats about all I have to say

"Well maybe its just because you're ugly!" Patrick Star, 2000

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Also, this could come into play with that "ruby red rage knife" experiment ayou did a long time ago. Store an emotion in a little orb and use it for magic

"Well maybe its just because you're ugly!" Patrick Star, 2000

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Magic is work of improvisation and creativity. I'm for the Magicka system. It's not too difficult, yet not too simple, and allows improvisation in fairly big space.


The more creativity in magic, the better. Remember - magic isn't science, it's art.

And may the fears keep away from you.

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the magic system we use in our world is based around the ability for us to change the world to our liking this is our type of magic wheras other NPC's use the same power but do very different things


" Just because I don't exist in your world, that doesn't mean that I'm not real." Mason


" Everyone needs friends, not all friends are human." Della


" Am I real? I think so..." Sha'Rek


"Hello...." Ember


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If you're into pen and paper roleplaying games, I think World of Darkness: Mage has the most intuitive system ever.


Persona is probably the closest to a Wonderland-compatible magic system, though, because it takes those symbols (or emotions...are we talking Trinity Soul?) and transforms them in the psyche into another symbol, very much like lucid dreaming...or at least, how I negotiate with my own subconscious when I'm lucid dreaming.

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