Can only tulpaforce at night

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Hello everyone, kind of new here as I've just created my account yesterday but I've been lurking the forums for atleast a month.


So, now when the presentation's over I've got a question, or dilemma for you guys.


TL;DR at bottom

I've just started on my tulpa and so far I haven't done too much work on it, just set up my wonderland so that's done.

Now, I don't have any problem with the tulpa or wonderland, the problem is time. Perhaps time is not the right word as I have lots and lots of time these days, the thing is, I can't work on my tulpa all those free hours I have each day.

The reason why is that I just can't focus daytime, I can't be bothered to "use my brain" during the day. My thoughts are sluggish and set into routines and all I want to do is be physically active during the day and not have to think.


The only time of the day where I wind down and can focus on thinking/meditating/where my mind can flow free is during the night.

At night it feels like I unlock the cage where my mind is at and leave my body inside the cage instead.


This has turned out to be a real problem for me. For the first reason, it becomes a pain in the ass in school. I can hardly focus during the lessons and homework is a really tough thing to deal with as the only easy way for me to do it is during the night and during the night I have to sleep to be prepared for the next day.


The second reason is, excersise and nutrition. I want to train all day but don't do all the thinking stuff about nutrition.


And the third and most important reason why I came here to ask for help is; I work really well with tulpaforcing and going into my wonderland at night but the thing is that I can't stay up so late every night as I got to have a normal day night cycle for, work, later school, etc. etc.


So, WTF SHOULD I DO? As I see it now I must choose between a nightlife and daylife.

TL;DR I can't use my mind at day, only night, can't stay up all night cuz that fucks upp the day, wat do?

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narrate to your tulpa whenever you're awake, minimum 30 mins pure forcing whenever you want. there you go.


you'd be better off doing an hour instead of 30 mins, but look at 30 mins as a bare minimum.

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Drop out!


Or, don't. Actually, don't.

I agree with mordred, you can get far with just constant narration.

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Just spend half an hour before bed sitting awake and forcing. If you're too tired for that, then just sleep that day and make up the time elsewhere.


Even if you move at a crawl, you will eventually reach your goal as long as you don't stop. Sun Tzu said that.

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Try daydreaming or "passive" tulpa forcing.


more specifically, instead of limiting your forcing to sessions, go about your day with your tupper at your side. pretend it's there with you as you physicalactivity. but dont just pretend it's there, treat it like it really is. talk to it. ask it questions instead of asking yourself. really feel it already with you.

My ramblings and that


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